Whole Foods Market Vs Amazon Fresh

Whole Foods Market Vs Amazon Fresh – While Amazon reported impressive sales for the first quarter as a whole on April 29, its brick-and-mortar grocery stores underperformed. Sales at the Seattle-based company’s grocery stores, which primarily include about 500 Whole Foods Market locations but exclude sales from online and fulfillment sites such as its flagship supply, 16% to $3.9 billion in the quarter.

The pandemic has taken a toll on stand-alone grocers over specialty stores like Whole Foods, but how is budget-friendly e-tailer Amazon Fresh, which now has 12 locations and two owned brands Amazon stacking up competition?

Whole Foods Market Vs Amazon Fresh

To learn more, WGB caught up with Chief Strategy Officer Michael Della Penna of InMarket, a provider of 360-degree consumer intelligence and real-time activity for thousands of leading brands, which recently analyzed location data on 80,000 anonymous user in 10 . Amazon Fresh stores and 10 Whole Foods locations from September 2020 to April 2021. Whole Foods locations were selected based on proximity to Amazon Fresh locations.

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Jennifer Strailey: Based on your analysis, Whole Foods Market and Amazon Fresh have very different customers and are not competitors. Who are Amazon Fresh’s biggest competitors and how is this mid-market grocer faring? Michael Della Penna: You’re right that there is some crossover between Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods. In fact, we found that between 1% and 2.5% of Whole Foods customers have visited Amazon Fresh in the past six months. It’s early stages, but Amazon Fresh’s biggest competitors are likely to be independent or small health and organic chains, as well as mid-market grocery chains like Stop & Shop and Essential Foods, rather than luxury food brands or special. One big thing that separates Amazon Fresh from its competitors is its delivery service experience. While competitors have had to adapt to the pandemic with services such as take-out, Amazon Fresh has an established delivery infrastructure that has allowed consumers to access their stores without having to leave their homes. to leave There are also benefits for members, such as shoppers receiving a 5% cash back bonus for using their Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signup Card or Amazon Prime Store Card at checkout.

He describes Amazon Fresh as a mid-market option that is “more popular with savvy and diverse consumers” than Whole Foods. How come? We found that Amazon Fresh outperformed both Whole Foods and the national average in attracting Asian and Hispanic shoppers. According to our analysis, an Amazon Fresh customer is 3.6 times more likely to be Asian than the national average, compared to 2.7 times at Whole Foods. Other differences were found in income, occupations and the presence of children. When you combine demographics with other attributes like psychology to understand consumer motivation, the differences become even more pronounced. We used InMarket’s GeoTypes in our analysis, which combines up to a thousand attributes to understand customer demographics and motivations, and found that Amazon Fresh customers span a larger demographic compared to a Whole Foods customer. Amazon Fresh’s top four demographics make up just 31% of all consumers and are mostly filled with “frugal savers,” “price seekers,” “demanding parents ,” and “appreciative epures.” Compare this to Whole Foods, where the top four consumers account for nearly 50% of customers and have the highest ratings across “focused and forward,” “mature and qualified,” “healthy and wealthy.” and “House. Organizer.” – shows the application. in very different categories. It can be said that Amazon is building a grocery business that is similar to the automaker’s business, attracting customers from Honda and Acura with Fresh and Lexus by Whole Foods.

Whole Foods’ operations have been disrupted since the pandemic and your report shows that traffic is down. How did Amazon Fresh? It’s true that foot traffic to Whole Foods has decreased over the past year. In fact, we looked at visit trends for the third quarter of 2020 and found a 40% drop in visits over that entire period from pre-pandemic levels. Although your personal purchases have increased as more customers have received the vaccine, we can mention the impressive credibility of Amazon Fresh in the demand for contactless shopping, as well as the power and recognition of the Amazon name and how he first liked an exciting new concept. . Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods attract different types of customers and complementary experiences to meet their customers’ needs. While Whole Foods has an established reputation and customer base, Amazon Fresh introduces a new and unusual concept to consumers with a well-known, familiar and respected name – Amazon. Despite its new business model, with only 12 locations, Amazon Fresh’s customer return rate is very similar to the chain.

What does this rating tell you about the future success of Amazon’s Fresh and Whole Foods Market? What do you see happening with these types of brands in terms of user traffic, customer loyalty, etc. as we emerge from this pandemic? Amazon is using its vast resources to build a grocery business that could challenge more established brands for a share of the $658.1 billion supermarket and grocery industry. With the introduction of Fresh, Amazon is expanding its footprint in stores by positioning its brand as a mid-market competitor using technology, convenience and selection to achieve lower prices. At the same time, the “whole food for everyone” approach attracts diverse, low-income, family-oriented consumers. Although the concern at the time with the emergence of Amazon Fresh was that Amazon was preying on its own people in the same industry, the opposite is also true. Even after we emerge from the pandemic, Amazon Fresh customers’ focus on savings and convenience will drive their shopping habits and likely drive their loyalty to the chain.

What Is Amazon Fresh Whole Foods

In this special report, compiled using data and insights from CrowdStreet and Placer.ai, Winsight Grocery Business takes a look at the five hottest markets for grocery investment in 2022 and who will portfolio management in these sectors.

Updates on new stores are important to our readers, so we’re adding a monthly feature to highlight them and highlight supermarket growth trends across the country. Focusing on the weekly grocery shopping trip – combined with affordability, curated selection and convenient features. — pits Amazon Fresh against traditional supermarkets, industry analysts say.

With Amazon Fresh, Amazon has put its stamp on what is shaping up to be a brick-and-mortar supermarket chain. It remains unclear to rival grocers, however, whether the e-tail giant has the Amazon Fresh plan and potential for disruption.

Seattle-based Amazon opened its first Amazon Fresh store in late August 2020, a 35,000-square-foot location in Woodland Hills, California. There are now 29 Amazon Fresh supermarkets in six states – California (13 stores), Illinois (seven), Washington (four), Virginia (two), Maryland (one) and Pennsylvania (one) – and Washington, D.C. (one), between about 25,000 and 45,000 square feet. The most recent opening was in late April, a 35,000-square-foot Amazon Fresh in La Verne, California. The 30th flagship location, another 35-square-foot store, is scheduled to open in Murrieta, California, on May 5.

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According to Jeff Helbling, vice president of Amazon Fresh Stores, new Amazon Fresh locations are planned in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington state and New Jersey, although he did not specify the number of units or hours will open. Amazon has also begun leasing for the next Amazon Fresh in Oceanside, NY, which would be the first major location in the Empire State.

“We are very pleased with the way customers are responding to Amazon Fresh stores. Our efforts to transform our grocery experience into a seamless, multi-functional offering have been well received by consumers and the industry,” Helbling told Supermarket News in an email interview. “Earlier this year, Amazon Fresh was named the fifth best seller in the US. Dunnhumby Sellers Choice Index – a strong position for the first time on the list. And the Forbes contributor included the opening of our first Amazon Fresh store with Just Walk Out Technology” as the headline of the year on the list of retail awards 2021. We have exciting plans for Amazon Fresh stores this year and in the future coming.”

When customers walk out of Amazon Fresh stores equipped with Just Walk Out technology, the app automatically credits their Amazon account for the items they pick up. (Amazon)

Given Amazon’s penchant for innovation and mass supply, brick-and-mortar retailers have reason to worry about Amazon Fresh, industry observers say. But they note that Amazon is still in the learning stages of both grocery and brick-and-mortar retail, even after nearly five years of owning Whole Foods Market.

Why Amazon Bought Whole Foods

“Amazon is not a traditional grocer. They don’t know the physical grocery store the same way. Their motivations may be a little different depending on how much of their business is not physical, but digital,” said David Bishop, a partner at Brick Meets Click, a strategic consulting firm in Barrington, Ill. focusing on how digital technology is impacting grocery retail and

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