Food Fair Wholesale Fresh Market

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They are always very clean, good service and you can find good things and very good prices

Food Fair Wholesale Fresh Market

Good price and selection. The only challenge is that financing can be a problem based on the cost of not renewing the sales list. They need to do a better job of updating transaction fees to make checkout a smoother experience.

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The price is very reasonable. Just a tip, you need to check the shelf life of the product, especially the meat.

Prices on a large selection of products in the area are, among other things, more expensive than local places like Walmart. Customer service is excellent. Definitely recommend. Will be back. I bought papayas for 0.59 cents per pound.

A food court recently opened where Winn Dixie used to be. Very clean store. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The prices are incredibly low without sacrificing quality. Tomatoes are 48 cents a pound. Whole Watermelon $1.99 The seafood section had a variety of seafood such as snapper for $4.99. They also have a section for freshly prepared salads and soups made from fresh ingredients that the organizers recommend to customers. The bakery sells 3 fresh apples for $1. When it came back, the price was wrong for one of the items at checkout, but the manager quickly sorted it out. Welcome to the grocery store today! No, it’s not the Food Fair you’re thinking of. It’s part of a chain of three local stores with locations in Paterson, NJ and Spring Valley, NI ( this ), along with a new one in the Bronx. This particular location is in an indoor mall that is still under construction (renovations, not new construction) and was replaced by Foodmart International. This store is 30,000 square meters in size, but it is called New Wholesale Market. What they mean is a warehouse store where you can get a lot of food in a simple environment at an affordable price.

You enter, enter a corridor before turning left into the production department, which is huge.

Food Fair Wholesale Fresh Market

Seafood, meat and dairy are on the back wall and deli/gourmet/hot food on the front end facing the exit.

I don’t know what these are or what you do with them, but they look great!

The first corridor is two wide with a “Wall of Value” on the right, back to the spawn.

After the meat counter, the wall to the left is milk and the wall to the right is meat. The last aisle is full of milk, frozen food and bread.

Tour: Food Fair Fresh Market

It’s hard to tell if they bake here in the shop, but it’s possible. The counter will be a bakery, with hot food and customer service.

And as you would expect, a value store like this had plenty of American Choice water from the old A&P stores!

Food Fair Wholesale Fresh Market is a nice ethnic store, big and spacious, with good prices and a good selection, though nothing special. But there is a unique format, the ethnic grocery store, where both Western Beef and Universal have tried. Out of nowhere, the old food market has been revived! Okay, this might sound a little weird. But the chain of four independent stores grew quickly, starting with the Real Food Fair in Paterson, N.J., operating under the name Food Fair La Gran Marqueta. In 2015, a second location opened in Spring Valley, NY as a wholesale fresh food market. Shortly after, in 2016, a location opened in Bronx, NY as the Food Fair Fresh market from the former Fine Fare. More recently, in 2017, Sara Fine in Newark became the newest fresh food market. All its stores operate as part of the Retail Grocers Group, which also operates Fine Fare stores. This store is a Fine Fare International supermarket, which opened approx. 2008 in C-Town closed, which doesn’t seem to have been closed for long.

Of course, the sale is still going on. The sign towards the car park (above) is the Fine Fare sign. The signs facing the street are the same:

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On the other side of the parking lot, towards the intersection, there is another sign that has not been replaced.

I noticed that even though the store was new, there were only two Food Fair trucks, one for delivery up front and one on the back deck. Both were fully labeled Food Fair Fresh Market but may have been the same van used by Fine Fare. Let’s go in…

The interior is still 100% good. I don’t know if someone is going to update here or just replace some characters. Enter a short alley with a closed shop on the left; maybe there was a check counter there. The food display has produce stored in an aisle (street) and then you turn 90 degrees to the left to enter the first aisle of produce, meat and deli.

This episode is live when you sign up. Behind these shelves is a security counter (used to be?) that looks like they are no longer in use as you would imagine they want to directly monitor entry and exit and these instances are very high. And the security camera screen in the upper left corner is facing the user login, not the office.

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Turning left, the produce department continues on either side of the first aisle, with the meat/deli service in the back corner. The produce at this shop is great – I bought the best avocado I’ve had in a long time!

Most of the service consists of the sale of meat, but in one box there is meat and cheese. Note that this store has almost completely changed from the Food Fair store sign instead of using the old orange Fine Fare store sign.

This is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before – fried chicken in a bag! Please note that this store has Fresh Market Fair stickers with this location’s address printed on them. An amazing professional in minor surgery.

Okay, I don’t really know where this picture was taken or what it represents. Maybe looking from the back of the first aisle to the front of the first aisle? Or along the back wall? However, note the single orange Fine Fare label on the Goya beans.

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Not much to see in the shopping aisles. Very well preserved, but a bit cramped. It’s weird that there’s only a sign in the hallway in front of the shop, so I guess sometimes it’s because I left my glasses at home!

A cold way to the end of the shop. It’s a little hard to tell here, but it looks like these issues have been updated recently. These are old cases, but they have new LED lights.

Dairy in the back aisle with some Fine Fare store signs, looking at the back wall.

Looked at the milk once more, this time looking at the front of the shop. The milk department continues in some cases along the anterior wall.

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The exit is on the front wall (left), not on the side of the wall towards the parking lot.

The fresh market is a good neighborhood store with a good selection, although some of the prices are a bit high. There is not much competition, which may allow them to offer lower prices. However, the store is very clean and well stocked. The Food Fair Fresh Food Wholesale Market is located in the Rockland area of ​​New York. It is located on East Central Avenue and the street number is 175. If you would like to contact or inquire about the location, the phone number is (845) 290-0625. You can get more information on their website.

The coordinates you can use in the navigation app to quickly find Wholesale Fresh Food at the Food Fair are 41.107791,-74.042261

More information about Food Fair wholesale fresh products on Facebook. Come in. or. Create a new account. … (845) 290-0625. Contact the Food Fair at the Great Fresh Market on Messenger.

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Food Fair Wholesale Fresh Market is an ethnic grocery store located at 175 RT-59 Spring Valley NI 10977 USA. See our catalog or menu of services and products. New experience, you want.

(845) 290-0625. Shop near the wholesale market. … Shop near the wholesale market. Distance of one furnace: 0.3 km Competition …

(845) 290-0625. Website. … Warning. Be the first to know and let us know by email when Big Fresh Market Food Fair posts news and promotions. Your email address…

Food Fair Wholesale Fresh Market is a nice ethnic store, big and spacious, with good prices and a good selection, though nothing special. … (845) 290-0625 …

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