Ncfm Financial Markets Beginners Module Question Paper

Ncfm Financial Markets Beginners Module Question Paper

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Ncfm Financial Markets Beginners Module Question Paper

Mainly Q1 is _________. [ 2 marks ] (a) Fixed assets + current assets + current liabilities (b) Fixed assets + current assets – current liabilities (c) Fixed assets – current assets + current liabilities (d) Fixed assets – current assets – ) A customer has Rs. . I don’t want Q2 if you are buying value stocks. 2,55,000 and Rs. Sells valuable stocks. 3,45,000 through a broker then the maximum brokerage amount payable to the broker is _____________. [2 marks] (a) Rs. 20,000 (b) Rs.15,000 (c) Rs.25,000 (d) Rs.10,000 (e) Not Attempted Question Q3 Return on total assets is __________. [2 marks] (a) Total Income/Average Total Assets(b) Average Total Assets/Total Income(c) Return on Equity/Average Total Assets(d) Net Income/Average Total Assets(c) Not Attempted Question Q4 Which which of the following is an advantage for a participating depository? [1 mark] (a) Absence of stamp duty on transfer of securities. (b) Eliminating the risks associated with physical certificates such as bad delivery, counterfeit securities. (c) Appointability. (d) All above (c ) Not Attempted Q5 Major Stock Exchange of India Code ________. [1 mark] (a) Dow Jones(b) Nikkei 225(c) S&P 500(d) Nifty(e) I did not attempt to answer the question Q6 Which of the following is not true about issuing shares through an ordinary public offering? [2 marks] (a) In a normal public offering, shops bid for shares at or above the floor price. (b) If it is an ordinary public issue, the demand for the issue must be known at the end of the issue.

How Can I Get Nse Certificate? Ncfm Modules, Exam Details

(c) When the shares are issued at the ordinary public issue price, the investor knows in advance that the securities will be allotted, substantial Rs. 100 today is _______ rupees in a year. [3 marks] (a) Rs. 108 (B) 118 rupees (c) 208 rupees (d) 98 rupees (e) I did not attempt to answer the question Q8 At an annual inflation rate of 6%, a good costs Rs. 100 today Rs. Two years later _______. [3 marks] (a) Rs. 224 (B) Rs 112.36 (c) Rs 122.46 (d) Rs 124.30(e) Not Attempted Question Q9 The margin that ensures that an investor will cover all daily losses is known as the next day _________. [1 mark] (a) Margin to market margin(b) Minimum margin(c) Cross margin(d) Initial margin(e) I did not attempt the question Q10 The present value of Rs. 6,000 after two years at a discount rate of 5% with perpetual discount? [2 marks] (a) Rs. 5429.02 (b) Rs.6000 (c) Rs.5700 (d) Rs.6300(e) Not Attempted Question Q11. What is the par value per share of ABC Co at Rs 100, market value of Rs 360 and annual dividend of Rs 10? [1 mark] (a) 1% (b) 2.77% (c) 10% (d) 4%

(c) Not Attempted Question Q12 Earnings per share (EPS) is calculated from _________. [2 marks] (a) Gross income/number of shareholders (b) Net income/number of shareholders (c) Gross income/number of ordinary shares outstanding (d) Net income/number of ordinary shares outstanding (c) No experience Question Q13 Which of the following is not a debt market instrument? [ 1 Mark ] (a) Bonds of Public Sector Units (b) Corporate Bonds (c) FIIs (d) Government Bonds (e) Not Attempted Q14. What is the rate of return for annual accruals? [2 Marks] (a) Effective (b) Indicated (c) Both of the above (d) None of the above (c) Not attempted Q15 ___________ is a good indicator of stock market behavior. [1 Mark] (a) Reliance(b) DISCO(c) Infosys(d) Nifty Index(c) Not Attempted Question Q16 Market capitalization is _____________. [2 marks] (a) Price of shares of a company held by foreign investors (b) Number of shares issued by the company multiplied by its market value (c) Price of shares held by the promoters of the company (d) Price of shares in a public company [2 marks] (a) 11000 (b) 10000 (c) 9000

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