Influencer Marketing Agency Los Angeles

Influencer Marketing Agency Los Angeles

Influencer Marketing Agency Los Angeles – Lindsey Hepner, Founder and Creative Director of Los Angeles-based influencer marketing agency Vamped, loves the dynamic world of digital marketing. An expert in social media, brand development, strategy and marketing, Hepner is always keen to try new things, especially in the areas of influencer marketing and social her commerce.

Hepner started her career as a model and designer and pioneered her influencer marketing. Before she started a company that helped companies manage influencers, she was a self-made creator. In an interview with Archana Mishra, she covers it all and highlights what influencer marketing is all about for her. Hepner explains why engaging with influencers is so much more than just commerce, and why user-generated content (UGC) is becoming part of her social commerce.

Influencer Marketing Agency Los Angeles

A. Those who have extensive experience in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Now you run an influencer marketing agency. What’s it like to manage your own show and how did you start your company?

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A. I am happy to wake up every morning and do what I love. Please don’t price freely. I am able to work with brands, talents and clients to ensure they understand the direction in which I want to pursue my creativity. I’ve been a designer for a long time, but when I entered the social space, I used all the tools to develop digital concepts. All of my career has been great progress towards high profile campaigns and business opportunities. We have been in the OG space for a long time and have always innovated on social media.

Q: You described yourself as an early social media adopter, so I guess you got into influencer marketing early on. As the latest word in the marketing industry, how does your agency manage marketing to influence specific consumers with unique requirements?

A. We are humans. A person deserves more than being an expert in something. Get to know each client we work with more deeply so that we can share information, provide feedback on appropriate strategies, and add value as an additional marketing tool. Anyone can do my daily robot work, but building relationships is an art. It’s important to lay the foundation for your business by connecting with customers who value you.

Q: You consider building relationships an art, what do you think are the key factors brands should consider when engaging with influencers?

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A. First of all, the most important thing as a brand is not to think of creators as disposable. Everyone speaks on a certain level and can easily make or break your business.As a creative person, when I worked in other companies, I always felt that creative work was the most important work. was This concept is crazy to me because marketing and getting people to find your business is all about creativity.Today, content will always be king and we are your most valuable business asset is.

A. How can a creator have a 1:1 relationship with her?Companies face challenges when working with influencers. So what’s the best advice for overcoming adversity?

A. I am their mother. Our relationship with creators is special. Because I treat them as people, not money. People from all walks of life want to feel love. This is how our business works. We ensure that everyone we work with is more than just a commercial partnership. We know who we work with because we want to make sure they follow our code of conduct.

Like all creators, they always want to feel busy and let their manager do the work. It’s hard for them to understand that it’s a two-way street.If you prove yourself and keep going where you want to be, managers can recommend you for anything.This about talent The best way to deal with problems is to set realistic expectations and tell each other how you can improve.

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Q: Whether it’s a partnership or a relationship, it’s all about conversion. What do you think are the top influencer marketing strategies that help businesses increase conversions?

There are currently two strategies in this area. Nano/micro influencers and UGC content. Brands are becoming smaller players because small communities have value. Brands gain greater trust, which translates into greater purchasing power. Paid media can create opportunities to focus on the right demographic rather than creating an audience for content and influencer posts, so more brands will focus on it, similar to user-generated content. You need to reach the right people.

A. Given the trends in user-generated content, how do you see social commerce evolving over the next few years?

A. I’m no Gary Vee when it comes to predicting the future (laughs), but the evolution of social commerce is where we’re headed. All social platforms will have feeds specifically designed to sell what matters most to their audience.As brands realize that influencers don’t have to post content) has become important in social commerce. Instead, you need strategic content value to generate buzz for your brand.

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A. We talk about influencers, social commerce, and acquiring the right users, but you can see that there is a big difference between content and commerce. Social media channels such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram have launched creators’ marketplaces to fill this void. How effective is influencer marketing compared to independent platforms?

A. You will always need both. Some brands and brand innovators continue to enter the digital space with little or no strategic knowledge. You always want something that unifies your brand at every level.

A. What are the top (or above) content tools you currently use to strategize your influencer campaigns?

A. My business uses more tools than ever before to be successful. If you’re not using Canva, you should. I wish I had this tool when I was a student. This helps build a proposal that flows into the platform and client presentations. Another favorite of mine is Type Form. Asking the right questions is the best way to understand what a client needs in a strategic campaign. Then my third is Excel. Having a detailed planning page is very important. Our team runs live spreadsheets to make sure our clients understand everything.

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Q: When you think ‘a great way to market to consumers on social media’, what brands come to mind?

A. I love how brands think outside the box and consumers don’t expect it. I always liked Cheetos marketing. They ran a series of commercials using Cheetos as pranks to show how nasty and harmful cheese can be. Over the years, I am constantly amazed at how great this concept is. It’s not how Cheetos tastes or looks great. It was a creative concept that they wanted to buy because there was a wow factor.With that creative mindset, I love expanding myself with the brands I own.

Q. This year is finally coming to an end. What are the top influencer marketing ideas for 2022 and what does the future of influencer marketing look like?

A. This space is constantly changing. It’s not easy to predict everything that’s going on as it seems to be updated every week.That’s why I love this space. There is always something new in cooking. The main takeaway for me in 2022 was ‘basics’. We finally laid the groundwork for our business this year, but many companies are just getting started and never get to that step. So I spent a lot of time this year because I wanted to do a big project to improve our operations and systems.

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