Digital Marketing Entry Level Resume

Digital Marketing Entry Level Resume

Digital Marketing Entry Level Resume – You’ve heard the saying that the hardest part is getting started. When it comes to writing your digital marketing resume, staring at a blank page is the worst and scariest part of the process.

To help alleviate this stress, we analyzed what hiring managers want to see in a digital marketing resume. Today, we’re sharing our findings with you so you can build your resume with confidence.

Digital Marketing Entry Level Resume

These digital marketing resume templates have helped digital marketers land interviews at companies like Slack and Stripe, so they’re a great place to get inspiration for your own resume. Whatever digital marketing role you’re applying for, use our tips and writing samples to land more interviews (and jobs) in 2022!

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Your digital marketing resume serves as your first impression on a recruiter, which means you want to format it correctly for potential employers. Proper resume format ensures that your digital marketing resume is easy to read, logical, and professional.

Knowing which format to choose when writing your resume can be difficult. If you’re not sure which one to choose, it’s best to use the reverse time format because it’s easier to read with a logical flow. Plus, it’s the unofficial standard for resumes, so recruiters (and ATSs) know how to scan it right away.

You already know the importance of marketing, so when it comes to your resume title, you need to highlight important information. It should be placed at the top of your digital marketing resume.

The font you use for your name should be larger than the font on the rest of your resume and should also include the title of the position you are applying for (shorter than your name).

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Under your title and name, you should include your contact information starting with your email address. Avoid using the email you created in high school—if all you have is the domain, it only takes a few minutes for a tech-savvy person like you to set up a bag—a Gmail account with a domain name. .

After your email, add your phone number if the employer wants to contact you directly. Then it’s up to you if you list your location (just your city and state) and social media links. Your location can be important in letting employers know your availability for in-person interviews, but you can skip it if you’re out of state.

If you have a LinkedIn profile or other professional website, list the URL in your contact headers. This is a great way to showcase your skills and experience to an employer. (Also, many employers ask for your LinkedIn profile on your application.)

If you’re applying for a digital marketing position, it’s important to know about applicant tracking systems, also known as ATS. Employers use ATS to scan resumes and filter potential candidates. If your resume is not formatted correctly or is missing keywords, it will be filtered and you will not be considered for this position.

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If you’re using a Google Docs resume template or a Word resume template, consider some formatting elements to beat ATS:

Even if you are an expert when it comes to marketing, it can be difficult to try and market yourself on just one page. Creating a resume is never easy, but it gets easier if you take it one step at a time.

A resume is a brief statement that explains what you are looking for in a job and what you can offer. A resume summary is a longer, more detailed explanation of your combined skills, experience, and accomplishments.

Most of the time, you won’t need to use any of these for your digital marketing resume. For a purpose or summary to work, it must be specific. Skip this section if you don’t feel comfortable customizing your objective/summary for each job you apply for.

Entry Level Digital Marketing Resume Example For 2022

Do you think you could include an objective or summary? Here’s when you should consider using an objective:

Excellence Goal: Analytical-minded digital marketing graduate with 12-week internship experience in social media management, analytics implementation, email collection and web analytics. Looking forward to developing my skills under expert leadership in a team setting, where I can contribute to paid search and social media campaigns for Ritchie Brothers.

Why it works: This objective expresses the specific company and role candidates are looking for, pulling keywords like “paid search” and “social media campaign” out of the model. Job seekers start with the right background and skills to demonstrate why they are a good fit for the role.

Summary of Excellence: Experienced and goal-oriented digital marketer with 12 years of experience managing and executing successful marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including online, offline and mobile. I have a proven track record of increasing website traffic and conversions by over 25% through SEO/SEM, social media, email marketing and content strategy. Excited to join a tech startup like Steadily where I can leverage over a decade of experience and mentor junior digital marketers to drive the company’s growth.

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Why it works: This summary highlights 12 years of experience in digital marketing and explains why the candidate is right for the job with quantifiable metrics across the board. The summary also includes keywords like conversion and SEO in the job description.

When writing bullet points for your work history, consider relevant experience. Three to four work experience is fine, but if you have less than two, we have some tricks to improve your digital marketing resume. If you have multiple jobs, put them on a general resume, but don’t list every position; Include only the most relevant ones that match the job description.

If you’re writing about work experience in a bulleted list, active verbs are the best way to describe your skills and show your work in action. As a digital marketer, the following activity verbs will be useful for you:

To be fair, these bullet points contain some solid information that we can take advantage of, but they are not very clear. They don’t show how your goals are successful.

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Does each bullet need some kind of metric or quantifier? no However, it should be an achievable goal.

Let’s take a closer look at the metrics. Metrics are important because they let readers know how effective you are in your role and whether you’re meeting expectations. These numbers should show how you directly or indirectly affect the company.

So when listing your work history, include metrics that support your experience. Aim to have metrics in 60 percent or more of your bullet points, so you can stay ahead of your competition. Metrics can be obtained from several places:

Hard skills are job-specific technical abilities, such as A/B testing or Google Analytics. Soft skills are more common traits that employers value in most jobs, such as teamwork or communication. While soft skills are important, your digital marketing resume should mainly consist of hard skills.

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These are the usual hard and soft skills used in digital marketing, but there are many more that employers are looking for. Pay attention to the keywords listed in the sales job description, then use it to customize your skills section with six to ten related keywords.

At a minimum, you need a bachelor’s degree to start your career in digital marketing. This means you can skip listing if you already have your high school diploma. If you have a master’s degree, include your bachelor’s degree and list them in reverse chronological order.

Especially if you have years of experience, you don’t need to keep anything fancy. Just list the basics:

If you want to showcase more training, you can add a dedicated certification section. Certifications are not a substitute for a degree, but some employers may require you to have certain certifications. There are countless certifications you can pursue through Google, Coursera, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

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Certifications include experience levels, prices, and requirements. If you have certification(s) or plan to get one, it’s easy to get into this category. You can list them briefly in the sidebar or at the bottom of your resume.

Most resumes don’t include projects, but they can sometimes help employers learn more about you, especially if you don’t have previous work experience.

If you’re including projects on your digital marketing resume, treat the projects like your work experience section by listing three to six bullet points under each item. Like your work experience bullet points, your project bullet points should show your role in the project and its positive outcomes. Metrics are also encouraged here.

Projects can be anything from developing a social media campaign for a small business or tinkering with a personal blog and optimizing SEO performance.

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Adding a hobby and interest section is not the same as a project section. Consider including this section if the job description mentions the importance of fitting into the company culture or seems relevant. Even if the company is generic, you don’t need to list anything. Watching Netflix and sleeping in on the weekends is not the type

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