Hubspot Digital Marketing Certification Answers 2021

Hubspot Digital Marketing Certification Answers 2021 – Question 1: True or False: Digital advertising is a targeted, data-driven advertising strategy to reach online consumers at all stages of the buyer spectrum.

Question 2: Fill in the blanks: The difference between digital advertising and organic marketing on social media platforms is that digital advertising _____ and organic marketing _____. Select all that apply.

Hubspot Digital Marketing Certification Answers 2021

Question 3: What are the benefits of combining digital advertising with organic marketing efforts? Select all that apply.

Hubspot Seo Certification Exam Answers

Question 6: Scenario: You work for PetSpot, a company that sells pet supplies. Who is the best audience to target on social media during the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey?

Question 7: Situation: You work for PetSpot, a company that sells pet supplies. Which of the following keywords is best suited for paid search during the consideration phase of the buyer’s journey?

Question 8: Fill in the blanks: A paid media plan is the bridge between your ______ and your business goals.

Question 17: Scenario: Your business wants to advertise to a local audience. What targeting strategies should be used?

Hubspot Digital Marketing Certification Exam Answers

Question 22: True or False: The rule of thirds is about dividing a picture into thirds using two horizontal lines and two vertical lines and placing the most important elements in the square you create.

Question 25: True or False: Organic marketing strategies rely on your followers, and social media advertising can target new audiences.

Question 28: Which of the following does Facebook use to measure the expected performance of your ads? Select all that apply.

Question 31: Which of the following are the objectives of Twitter advertising? Select all that apply.

Hubspot Digital Advertising Certification Exam Answers

Question 37: Fill in the blanks: A keyword that matches type _____ will show your ads if the search term contains that keyword or has a very close match.

Question 38: Fill in the blanks: If the word order in the search term is the same, your ads will show a keyword that matches type _____ but also includes additional words.

Question 39: Fill in the blanks: A keyword search set to match type ______ will show your ad when your keyword contains one or more word variations.

Question 40: What do you use if you want to exclude your ads from appearing in searches that contain a specific keyword?

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Question 44: True or False: Quality Score is an algorithm that evaluates each of your search ads for spelling and grammar.

Question 52: Which ad tracking method should be used to retarget people who visited your website on social media?

Question 53: Which ad campaign should you use to determine which campaign will drive traffic to your website?

Question 57: If you want to know which marketing efforts are driving people to your brand, which attribution model should you use?

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Question 58: Scenario: You want to do an A/B test for an advertising campaign. Which of the following can you try?

Question 60: Based on the following data, what is Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)?

Question 64: Fill in the blanks: You should use a targeted CPA bidding strategy when you _____.

Question 67: Situation: You want to target an audience that has previously viewed a product review page on your website. What targeting strategies should be used?

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Question 75: What do you use if you have broad match keywords but need to choose which keywords to include in a search query to show your ads?

Question 78: Situation: You work for H.Bloom, a flower delivery company. You display a paid search ad for the keyword “flower delivery” that takes you to the landing page below. The purpose of this advertisement is to encourage customers. What can you do to improve your ad performance? Select all that apply.

Question 85: Situation: You work for PetSpot, a company that sells pet supplies. The best audiences to target on social media at a critical stage of the buyer’s journey are:

Question 86: Situation: You want to target an audience that visits popular marketing sites like Marketing and Advertising Age. What targeting strategies should be used?

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NIELIT | NIELIT Internship Program Free Government Certified Internship | Dec 9 Apply Question 1 – A set of techniques used by marketers to perform and improve marketing activities » What is the definition of the term?

Question 3 – Blogging, SEO and social publishing are important parts of any marketer’s strategy. Which stage of your flyer could benefit from implementing these three strategies?

Question 6 – What increases the risk of integrating software components that do not use the same database?

Question 8 – Developing content distribution goals begins with defining the goals of your distribution effort. What questions can help you define your goals? Select all that apply.

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Question 9 – Fill in the blanks. An effective marketing and distribution strategy is built on a sound foundation of ________.

Question 10 – Fill in the blanks. Behavioral marketing allows you as a marketer to personalize the customer experience. Personalization is the creation of _______.

Question 12 – Fill in the blanks: To determine when to deliver certain content to your audience, you need to understand _____.

Question 13 – Fill in the Blanks In the “fireballs, then balls” concept, the arrows represent —————and the ball balls.

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Question 14 – Fill in the blanks. Effective segmentation identifies where ___________ your customers, and helps your customers take the right next steps.

Question 15 – Fill in the Blank Marketing automation is a software platform designed to help marketers automate _______ tasks.

Question 25 – If you want to improve your customer lifetime, what steps should you focus on?

Question 26 – Choosing an online analytics tool is part of which phase of implementing behavioral marketing and customer segmentation?

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Question 28 – True or False? Behavioral marketing and customer service can help you right your wrongs and rebuild trust.

Question 29 – True or false? Buyer personas can help you identify the content distribution channels your target audience prefers.

Question 30 – True or False? People are protective of their privacy and don’t want their experiences to be overly personalized.

Question 31 – True or False? Segmentation is the process that helps you better understand your leads and customers, while behavioral marketing is how you categorize them based on the insights you gain.

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Question 33 – True or false? The most effective way to initiate customer access requests is by phone.

Question 35 – True or false? When interviewing buyers, make sure your colleagues are involved in the sales process.

Question 37 – What is an example of using software to get every person who downloads an e-book to sign up for a one-month email campaign?

Question 46 – What should you consider when identifying sales channels to test? Select all that apply.

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Question 50 – When implementing marketing automation and AI into your internal processes, how can a journey map be useful?

Question 54 – From an internal perspective, why is it important to know your audience and who are you trying to reach?

Question 56 – You are a daycare provider and a parent fills out a form to enroll their 3-year-old child in the program. You add this person to the group named “Parents of young children”. What is an example of this?

Question 57 – You are part of a first generation team at a legacy retailer called Partners in Wine. You’ve noticed that your email open rate has dropped over the past few months. What steps do you take to solve this problem?

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Question 58 – You have joined a blog group for a new fashion retailer called VintageVines. What are some strategies you can use to reach and engage with your target audience? Select all that apply.

Question 59 – Which of the following is most helpful for Dija, the dog owner, during meditation? Consider the following scenario to answer the question.

Question 60 – Which of the following would be most helpful to Dia, a dog owner, in the decision making process? Consider the following scenario to answer the question.

NIELIT | NIELIT Internship Program Free Government Certified Internship | Apply question no. 1 of 9: Dr. Dave Driscoll, a highly trusted and respected authority on dentistry, linked to a blog post he wrote on his website about how to improve yourself. What search engine role does Google play in evaluating the authority of your post and identifying a link to Dr. Driscoll?

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Question 7: Select all that apply. How do you determine ownership of a piece of content?

Question 10: When are subject tags useful compared to subject headings?

Question 13: True or False? Use the links,

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