Free Digital Marketing Report Template

Free Digital Marketing Report Template – You know that marketing reports are an essential part of your marketing efforts: it tells you if your marketing campaign is performing well or if your marketing strategy needs to be refined. But you also don’t want to spend all your time analyzing the performance of your marketing channels.

Here’s everything you need to know about marketing reports, how to create one, and 7 sample reports with default templates you can start using right away.

Free Digital Marketing Report Template

A marketing report pulls real-time data from your marketing channels, visualizes it, and allows you to create a customized report that you can send to your marketing team, your customers, or your managers.

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Importantly, it quickly and easily tracks your marketing performance across all your marketing channels and tells you where your digital marketing efforts are succeeding and where you may need optimization.

As a marketer, you want easy access to data about your most important marketing metrics A digital marketing report gives you exactly that: All your marketing data is tracked continuously. You can use a Google Analytics report, a Social Media report, or both

You can include KPIs from all marketing channels, from Google Analytics to social media, email marketing to paid search, and more! There are so many metrics to choose from that choosing the right one can sometimes be difficult

Fortunately, automated marketing performance reports come with pre-defined KPIs to get you started. If you decide you want to track different metrics, you can: they are fully customizable.

How To Create A Social Media Report [free Template]

In general, we recommend monthly reports Although creating daily or weekly marketing reports can be useful for you, the marketer, your customers may become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of reports and start to ignore them – not what you want it

Monthly marketing reports allow you to collect enough data to see how marketing has been affected, while ensuring that underperforming campaigns don’t last. And the best part is, whether you decide to generate a daily, weekly or monthly report, with a reporting tool like this, you only need to generate your report once and your data will be automatically updated every day.

Giving your clients a clear and concise marketing dashboard is essential: it keeps them up-to-date on their marketing efforts and, more importantly, if they’re getting a good return on their marketing spend.

Our monthly marketing report templates are designed to save you time when it comes to marketing reporting. They come pre-loaded with the most relevant KPIs, but are also fully customizable so you can adapt them to your or your client’s needs.

Digital Marketing Plan Template And Example

This is a great all-in-one template that gives you an overview of all your marketing activities From content marketing to e-commerce analytics to search engine optimization and more, your marketing or sales team has the most important data at their fingertips.

Please note that this report is an overview; If you want to dive deeper into statistics, check out some of the other templates below

SEO is an important part of any long-term digital marketing strategy You’re probably already using a Google Analytics dashboard, but this report will help you and your clients stay on top of how your SEO efforts are performing.

The good thing about PPC is that it is easy to track the return on investment This is also a good strategy to increase conversions, but only if the results are monitored and optimized.

Report Examples With Sample Templates [to Edit And Download]

We also recommend organizing your data by channel to get an overview of how each channel is performing

There are two aspects to social media marketing: paid (like Facebook ads) and organic (like content marketing). The most popular social networks you can use for campaigns are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. You want to include all the networks you are currently using in your report

Combine all of our ad campaigns in one marketing report to get a complete overview of how they’re performing with our Display Advertising Campaign Marketing Report.

As your products and services evolve and change, so does your e-commerce marketing strategy. Our ecommerce marketing report includes all the key KPIs you’ll want to track to ensure you’re getting the best possible results from your ecommerce marketing efforts.

Ecommerce Analysis Report Templates

Ecommerce marketing involves many marketing channels, from Google Analytics to social media, so there’s no shortage of important metrics to track. Some important things to include in your report are:

Email marketing is a great way to get your products and services in front of people: they reach people’s inboxes directly. But you can’t just send emails and hope for the best

You need to track how campaigns are performing and how content changes ultimately affect your bottom line

There are a ton of other report templates that cover almost every aspect of digital marketing They all make reporting on marketing campaigns quick and easy: they pull data automatically, so you don’t have to enter data manually to Word or Excel to create reports for your clients.

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It is also intuitive to use; Reports can be created by dragging and dropping the widgets you want to display If you’re happy with the report, it’s automatically available to anyone who needs to see it

The power behind the thousands of report dashboards that create and deliver to agencies and digital marketers every month Email Marketing Reports Track metrics around every campaign with our email marketing report template. Provide clients with written content about their performance in email marketing reports generated in minutes

When managing email marketing campaigns for clients, agencies need an efficient way to report results. Our email marketing report templates give you a deeper understanding of performance so you know what you need to do to maximize the ROI and overall success of your campaigns.

Instead of going through the tedious process of manually collecting this information, using a report template like this benefits your email provider (Melchim, Constant Contact, etc.). Create a clear and sharp visual report in minutes to present to your clients Not only does this help you keep track of your marketing strategies and goals, but it also helps build your clients’ trust in your agency .

Types Of Reports And When To Use Them (+ Templates)

An essential part of staying accountable to your contracts with your clients is keeping them informed about the pros and cons of your email marketing campaign. Segmentation is the best way to summarize how their email client and overall email marketing strategy was doing in the past month.

This section is an opportunity for you to give an overview of your gains and losses in plain English What went well and what can you improve in the next iteration? Take a moment to discuss the emails you sent during the month that performed better than others Discuss your overall strategy here and how you plan to adapt it in the future

Of course, one of the most important things to track for your email marketing campaigns is email list growth

The Email Marketing Report shows all the subscriptions and unsubscriptions that happened in the last month, in numbers and in graphs. You want to pursue a positive growth rate here, but if you have a bad month, take the opportunity to define your better strategy for the next month with your client.

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If no one is opening your email, you need to adjust your strategy This email marketing report template shows the overall email open rate for your campaign It is calculated based on total the number of unique opens divided by the total number of email subscribers and is one of the simplest ways to show how effective your email marketing strategy is.

If you’re not getting a high open rate, it could mean you need to write better subject lines or maybe you’re sending too many emails. This is an important stat to see!

Click through rate (CTR) is another important KPI to track for email campaigns It simply tells you how many people clicked through the email you sent If you do it right, you’ll have a call-to-action (CTA) included in the body of the email that encourages a click.

If you’re getting a low CTR, maybe there’s something wrong with the content of the emails you’re sending, or your CTA isn’t clean enough Take this information and use it to discuss creative strategies for the future

How To Write A Monthly Performance Report (template And Examples)

Although this is not the purpose of all emails, many are intended to direct users to your client’s website If you use Google Analytics, plug in the integration to track users on your client’s website. The Email Marketing Report gives you website data straight from Google Analytics, such as the number of web sessions and conversions generated as a direct result of your email marketing efforts. You just need to be sure to set the UTM parameter with every email you send

Use this section of the report to give your customers an idea of ​​how successful your email and overall digital marketing strategy is. When you can see things like goal achievement and revenue generated directly from email marketing, you’ll also help your customers understand the importance of investing in a different set of marketing strategies. You can also segment Google Analytics data to build a complete web analytics report.

Need more segments or personal stats? No problem, you can drag and drop new sections in your email marketing report.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and screenshots! Hello, Unlimited Reports Create client reports in just a few clicks with an easy-to-use reporting system built for marketing agencies.

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