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About Sunshine Marketing Strategies Inc – Symbolic archetypes are the most precisely labeled characteristics of a person. There are twelve types: Protector, Creator, Magician, Hero, Lover, Jester, Everyman, Guardian, Ruler, Innocent, Wise, and Explorer.

Symbolic archetypes affect almost all users. According to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Saltman, 95 percent of people’s purchasing decisions are made mentally.

About Sunshine Marketing Strategies Inc

Your business can benefit from this. Brand archetypes are one of the best ways to keep your brand in the minds of your customers.

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Over the past fifteen years, our team has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses build and develop their products. We have presented several important conferences and websites on various artifacts and regularly write and speak about branding techniques on our blog and at conferences. This guide shares effective tips, advice, best practices and experience developed after helping over 100,000 brands.

This guide explains symbol archetypes, examines examples of symbols from the world’s leading brands, and explores how to harness the power of symbols.

Before we look at each archetype and how to use it in your design strategy, let’s take a look at the history of archetypes.

Archetypes were first studied centuries ago by the Greek philosopher Plato, and later, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung introduced archetypes as a psychological concept into modern history.

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Jung believed that humanity has a “social unconscious”. Therefore, people are born with instincts and understandings that immediately recognize moral situations when they see them.

That is why, whether we are talking about the famous journey of a hero, a lawyer who challenged the government, or the triumph of a ruler, historical events are among the stories that are slowly understood.

The archetype model used in branding and marketing was first introduced in Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson’s book The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes.

Mark and Pearson believe that archetypes are important in branding, “because they communicate to consumers that the product is alive, connected to, and cared about.”

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In this regard, brand archetypes help build brand recognition on a deep and long-term level with the audience.

Also, when it comes to standing out from the crowd, once a brand spends a dime, different strategies are no longer effective.

On the other hand, people have unlimited possibilities and business has more room to work with them. They are unique and memorable.

Brands with which people have a strong connection – Nike, Apple, Amazon, Tesla – have a clear heritage, from the visual design reflected in their design, to the message, to the sound, to their products and services.

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It prohibits abdication of rules, equality, disregard of authority, or anything that threatens their (or anyone else’s) freedom of choice.

Although lawyers are good at what they do, they are primarily motivated by anger and may resort to destructive or destructive methods to achieve their goals.

To engage consumers with illegal artifacts, brands must first demonstrate that they see the world as law: power, equality, and the enemy.

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Outlaws must challenge social norms and norms in their marketing campaigns to connect with like-minded consumers.

Avoid formality in language and tone when communicating with them. Passion, vision and a devil-may-care approach to your marketing strategy and visual design, such as your company logo, will resonate with this audience.

The Creator is a champion of imagination and self-expression. Their need drives them to create unique and sustainable creations.

They should express themselves and their talents and try to realize their vision through this expression. The creators believe that if you think it, you can do it.

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The creator-type audience is not a big fan of traditional marketing, generic products, and existing content.

These people are willing to pay a premium for products that stimulate creativity and help them express themselves better.

The message should stimulate the interest of the creative process and encourage consumers to express themselves in the best possible way.

Casting a spell to make dreams come true through mystical means. They can take people on a journey of transformation through the experience of a magical moment.

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The Sorcerer archetype does not resolve the shopper. However, it attracts others because of its transformative power.

Brands offering a product or service may consider the concept of magical magic as a way to connect with their audience that takes their customers on a transformational journey (from past to new; to lost).

For example, resorts, theme parks or spas can use this artifact to attract customers who want to escape from stress or materialism by offering a magical and transformative moment.

A hero is a savior and savior of society. Characterized by courage, self-sacrifice, and triumph, the character strives for personal change in his attempts to overcome adversity.

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They work hard to acquire the necessary skills and take pride in the fact that their work ethic sets them apart from others.

The hero wants to save the day to prove their mettle so the world knows what they can do.

A character’s key asset is messaging and content that addresses customers’ goals and motivates them to take action.

Character brands benefit greatly from leveraging the best benefits that consumers can associate with their brand.

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This is what sports companies like Nike and Adidas do when they use athletes like LeBron James and David Beckham in their advertising campaigns.

A person in love has a desire for beauty and a desire for pleasure, pleasure, and development.

A lover wants to love. This makes them physically and mentally attractive to increase their ability to attract others.

Brands that want to attract a certain type of audience need to create a message that makes consumers feel loved, not just by their loved ones.

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To attract lovers, you need to make them feel desired or stimulate their desire for connection and intimacy. You can see this in the website design of products that reflect this archetype, among other places.

As they seek emotional pleasure, communication, and communication, they should use sensitive (non-sexual) language and tone. Brands can capitalize on the audience’s desire for pleasure through sight, sound, smell or touch.

Jester is enjoying and living in the moment. They do not want to be interested in themselves, they consider it their duty to be a light in the lives of everyone around them.

A comedian can sometimes be a sly person who pokes fun at culture with wit and humor. Often the humor is self-serving and satirical.

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Like magicians, Jesters are rarely buyers, but can be great designers of entertainment or want to associate with good times.

Regardless of archetype or personality, everyone loves to laugh. Given the right context and timing, the character of the Jester can be unique and endearing.

As the Jester archetype, your sign should represent the light and pleasant side of life, which is playful and fun. Brands that can connect with their audience through happiness and laughter will be the brands that are loved.

They want to enter society like “everyone else” and do not want to stand out from the crowd. They are funny, rude or easy to talk to and friendly.

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To influence everyone, you need to make them feel like they belong. Symbols related to everyday activities can use this artifact to convey the message that it’s okay to be normal.

A house or family sign works well for this type of artifact, while a professional note or “we’re the best” message is off.

Every brand needs to be friendly and simple to appeal to the everyday person. The target audience is afraid of rejection or isolation from others.

Adopting a cost leadership strategy is highly beneficial for these brands. Differentiating a private brand from competitors can be difficult, but as long as it continues to provide high-quality, affordable products that consumers value, that’s not a big deal.

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A carer is a selfless character who intends to protect and care for others, especially those in need.

Often they take those in need of care under their wing until they are strong enough to take care of themselves.

Trustees are more than just responders; They are protective and occur before and after a traumatic event.

The nanny archetype is perfect for brands that help people in need. People helped by such products are often weak and restless and need a gentle touch. Warm, thoughtful, generous, and motherly, the path provides a sense of security that meets their needs.

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Product managers always put their customers first, and that requires their products to think about everything

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