How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Clickfunnels

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Clickfunnels

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Clickfunnels – Becoming an affiliate is easy but before you go down this path, you might be wondering how affiliate marketing works and specifically how affiliate programs work.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is an arrangement where an online business pays another website a commission from the traffic or sales it receives from the website’s referrals.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Clickfunnels

In other words, if you become part of an affiliate program, you are working in partnership. We help build your site and you can choose to send traffic back.

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For every sale or related products referred by an affiliate, they pay 40% commission.

This is the ultimate win-win situation. All affiliates earn something from the scheme, as does the company running the affiliate program, making it a mutually beneficial relationship.

Many bloggers choose to go in this direction, sometimes even writing entire blog posts dedicated to the affiliate marketing programs they are a part of. Others are more subtle in their approach.

It’s all about promoting a product or service you believe in. If you feel strongly about it, why not make some money from it too?

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About five or six people a week, at least, will tell me “I’m in love! It’s amazing!” How many times they will ask me..

At the top right you will find all the page statistics and stuff like that.

If you’ve invested in Funnel Hacks, you’ll also find a link to this tutorial on the right side of your dashboard.

It’s also on the right that you’ll find a link to user support, and under that you’ll see “Calling Affiliates!” You will get such a link. Says if you’re an affiliate, you already have an affiliate account.

Affiliate Clickfunnels: Everything You Should Know · Businessfirst

If you click on the top link below this statement, you will log in to your affiliate account. This will take you to the next page, where you will find all your statistics and other account information.

Within your account you’ll also find various related items that you can promote, such as the various pages we’ve set up.

So if you are already affiliated, you already have everything you need. In previous tutorials, I’ve shown you how to place a small badge that you toggle on and off on your page that you can use to promote through your own funnel if you wish.

This happens by default because people who like your page will click to see how it was created if you turned this feature on. However, you will log into your affiliate account and check back periodically to see what you have “sold”.

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What you need to do is log into your affiliate account, where you will find your ‘Affiliate ID’. You can see this highlighted in the screenshot above.

You’ll copy it, go back to your account and paste it into your account settings under “Backpack Affiliate”. Make sure you scroll down the page and click “Update My Account” to save this change when you’re done. This is a double confirmation that all affiliate links are tracked through your account and you will be paid a commission on it.

The biggest benefit of being an affiliate is the most obvious: you get to make money! Who wouldn’t want a little extra money promoting something you already know?

As attractive as this benefit is, there is more to being an affiliate than just making a little extra money. Being an affiliate marketer is very profitable. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in affiliate programs to earn a lot.

Clickfunnels Signup: Create Account In 7 Easy Steps

There are many ways to market affiliate marketing companies. As mentioned above, all you need to do is activate the site’s ad tag. Or you can mention in a piece of content how it has been helpful in generating more sales for your business. As an affiliate it is easy to see results like this.

You can do all this without being an expert in marketing. As you can see from the examples, getting started with affiliate marketing is very easy.

That entry point can open up a lot of possibilities, but you don’t have to settle for quick results. With more experience marketing the company, you’ll eventually know what works best and leads to more referrals. Affiliate marketing is all about learning and adapting for best results.

Being attached also gives more flexibility. Since the commission you earn is an additional income, you don’t have to rely on it all the time. So if you need to take some time off, you can do so without worrying about hurting your bottom line. Or you can double down on affiliate marketing sites and grow even more. Affiliate marketing gives you more freedom, so what you do with it is entirely up to you.

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Best of all, you can earn money even if you are not actively involved in affiliate marketing. Good content can still bring a lot of visitors to the website you are partnering with. Consider the gift that keeps on giving.

This week we paid one of our affiliates $110,000 this week. So we have people making a lot of money. We also earn a lot of money.

You can only do this with brands, but if you have buyer lists and blogs and things like that, please promote, talk about it and make some money in commission. We love sending commission checks! This way you can make more money! But a simple funnel can shave miles off a marketer or advertiser than trying to unload cold traffic as quickly as possible. Especially when marketing more expensive or complex products.

To do less work and sell more in the long run, you need to focus on delivering value, building trust and recommending the right products in a tasteful way using urgency and scarcity.

How To Make Money As A Clickfunnels Affiliate

Want to build a high-converting affiliate marketing funnel that’s low-maintenance and delivers compounding results? Read to know:

An affiliate marketing funnel is a carefully mapped path designed to help you go from prospect to customer for the affiliate product you’re promoting in the shortest amount of time. A good funnel always provides optimal value at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

The first step is to drive traffic to your offer using blog posts written with SEO in mind, paid advertising for free offers, and social media platforms like Pinterest.

The second step is where you replace that traffic with a free offer. The goal is to get them onto your email list where you have better control over their journey and the ability to sell to them again and again.

How To Become A Clickfunnels Affiliate

The third stage allows you to warm up your audience for better conversion rates before pitching your offer in the fourth and final stage.

Wondering why you should go through the process of building an affiliate marketing funnel when you can add your links or ads to your blog posts and sell to cold prospects instead?

Considering that most people start their buying journey with research, you’ll miss out on the vast majority of potential buyers – up to 72% according to Pardot if you only use ads.

Buyers at this point are looking for educational content, so building free content around that means you have a better chance of getting more people to buy through affiliate links.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program (2023)

Before you can nurture your prospects, you must first understand them. This insight means you can provide better targeted/personalized help, increasing brand trust and conversion.

With an affiliate marketing funnel, you also get the ability to track each part of your funnel so you can easily spot and fix problems in the process. People engaging with your emails but not clicking through to the offer page? Or maybe they’re excited about the offer until they click on the offer page and then you hear crickets.

With a step-by-step funnel, you don’t have to guess. You know where the dropout is happening and you can easily figure out what to do to fix it.

One of the best reasons to create an affiliate marketing funnel instead of adding a link to a blog post or driving ad traffic directly to a sales page is the ability to build your own buyer list.

How To Use Clickfunnels For Affiliate Marketing

Buyer List – A carefully curated list of people who subscribe to your email list and who you know are ready and willing to buy the product in question, because they have done so in the past.

This means that instead of working hard to get sales while sending the salesperson off your efforts to build their list, you’ll have your own list that you can sell more products along the way.

The affiliate funnel is designed to deliver value to customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

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