Whole Foods Market Bend Photos

Whole Foods Market Bend Photos – On Thursday, September 15, at 2222 Whole Foods Market on Magazine Street in New Orleans. (Photo by Brett Duke and The Times-Pakistan)

Whole Foods Market on Magazine Street in New Orleans on Thursday, September 15, 2012. (Photo by Brett Duke and The Times-Picayune) Personal photo by Brett Duke

Whole Foods Market Bend Photos

A New York-based investor group on Magazine Street has bought the former Whole Foods for more than $31 million, the most expensive sale in New Orleans in recent memory, according to local brokers.

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But the change in ownership of the property, which includes 30,000 square feet of retail space on 1.65 acres, does not mean the exit or closing of the popular store.

In contrast, Whole Foods recently renovated a 20-year-old former firm in the building for another 15 years, which is one of the reasons the property was able to fetch more than $1,000 per square foot.

“You have a long-term contract with Whole Foods, which is owned by Amazon. That means you’re getting cash flow from one of the most reliable tenants you can find,” said real estate appraiser Baldwin Justice McEnery. He said when He was aware of the deal but was not in it. “Investors want to pay a premium for this type of holding and this type of income.”

A New York investment group, DK WFNO, LLC, earlier this month acquired the property from its parent and owner, Arabella Station, LLC, which is owned by developer Chris Sarpy, who handles many of Sarpy’s development projects.

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The customer could not be reached for comment. But broker Steve Reisig with SRSA Commercial Real Estate, whose firm represents Sarpi, confirmed the decision to stand up for Whole Foods.

“Whole Foods is not going anywhere. The location is one of the best whole food stores in the country,” Reisig said.

In addition to a long-term lease with Whole Foods, the store’s location in the heart of Uptown near Audubon Park was another factor behind the sale’s high value.

“It’s probably the strongest demographic in the city in terms of potential and sales and marketing,” Justice said. “It’s like sitting on gold. It’s sitting on a large asset forever and it’s limited to New Orleans geography.”

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In addition, investors are sitting on a lot of money and looking for investments that fight or at least reduce the twin effects of interest rates and growth. A long-term lease with a stable tenant is a source of excuses, brokers said.

“If you have $31 million to invest, you can buy Apple stock (which is down 16% since January) or treasury bonds that pay 2%,” said Robert Hand, a Louisville real estate broker. “Alternatively, you can buy this property and earn 4% rent from the entire food collection.” East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry partnered with Whole Foods Market in Sugar Land to host Community Giving Day on April 8. Marketing Team Manager at WFM, Vicki Coates, Executive Director of East Fort Bend Human Services, and Tim Nyberg, Store Manager at Whole Foods Market Sugar Land. A photo has been sent

The Human Needs Ministry of East Fort Bend is celebrating a strong eight-year partnership with Whole Foods Market in Sugar Land.

Since the store opened in 2007, Whole Foods has hosted a “Community Day of Giving” for the Fort Bend nonprofit. On this day, five percent of all sales are donated. The Human Needs Ministry of East Fort Bend is proud to have been the recipient of this grant for eight years.

Community Giving Day At Whole Foods Market Domain With Boneshaker Project

This year’s Day of Giving will be held on April 8th at Whole Foods Market, 1800 Fwy Fwy, Sugar Land, TX 77479.

Tim Nyberg, team leader at Whole Earth Market Foods Sugar, says engaging with the surrounding community is an integral part of what they do. “It’s a win/win partnership,” Nyberg said. “It’s part of our core values ​​that we take care of not only our members, but also the surrounding community. Without the community, we don’t have a store.”

Jackie Martinez, marketing team at Sugar Land Stores, says it’s important to Whole Foods Market that everyone has access to quality food.

“It’s a common sense partnership for us. We give back to the community in a fundamental way,” said Martinez. “If you can’t afford the next dinner, we want to help you.”

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The ministry decided to collect quality items three times a week from participating Whole Foods merchants in the Whole Foods Collection Program.

“We can always count on our friends at Whole Foods Market to help feed the hungry in East Fort Bend County,” said Vicki Coates, executive director of East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministries. “They really do what they preach.” A new “millennial-minded” store from Whole Foods, called 365, is opening this week in Lake Oswego. The store, the second in the district to use the form, opens at 9 p.m. Thursday on 11th State Street, the former site of Albertsons.

The store is a smaller, stripped-down version of a typical Whole Foods, with changes specifically designed to reduce overhead or appeal to younger shoppers.

365 President Jeff Turnas said Whole Foods is looking at its first three store concepts to test how different communities might react to it. (The first opens in May in the Los Angeles area, and a third opens this fall in Bellevue, Washington. Ten more are slated to open next year.)

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“We know the competitive landscape has changed,” he said. “We used to be the wholesalers of natural and organic materials, now many have taken over.”

To ensure Whole Foods remains competitive, Turnas asked Trader Joe’s and Fred Meyer to build their own 365 stores.

“We want people to come out and say, ‘Wow, I can’t believe how much this cost.'” Good, he said.

They sneak a peek at the new store as workers prepare for opening day. Here is what we learned about the whole food concept;

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You won’t find bandages here. With concrete floors, exposed beam ceilings, lighting and products housed on wooden shelves, the 365 store is a little more Aldi (read: industrial) and a little less Whole Foods.

Ternas said the company has about half as many 365 stores as Whole Foods stores.

When customers enter, they are greeted by the produce section, with meat and cheese in the back of the store. Grab-and-go items are located in the center of the store, with packaged foods and household goods on the opposite side, with a wall dedicated to wine and beer.

Twelve registers at the front of the warehouse lead customers to a seating area with free Wi-Fi. The store’s two restaurant partners — Portland Juice Co. Canteen and Bend Vegan joint Next Level Burger — are adjacent to the meeting space.

Boise Co Op

While Whole Foods stores average 43,000 square feet, the Lake Oswego store is slightly smaller, at 36,000 square feet.

And instead of the usual selection of up to 40,000 products, the 365 Store offers only 7,000, Turnas said. (At this point 20 varieties of ketchup means you can find not only two or three).

About 40 percent of its 7,000 products are from the Whole Foods private label, 365-day supply. The other 60 percent are national, regional and local brands.

Shoppers will be hard pressed to find paper price tags on the shelves of Lake Oswegon stores. This is because all price tags are digital. The store also has digital signage, along with a counter for ordering food like pizza and hot dogs to go.

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In the produce section, digital scales allow retailers to print price tags for fruits, vegetables and bulk items for faster checkout.

And there is an automatic tea machine in front of the store ready to mix traditional tea, offering popular blends like “Moroccan Mint” and “wild fragrance”.

While all prices at 365 stores are almost guaranteed to be lower than Whole Foods stores, we’ll have to wait and see how they compare to Trader Joe’s, Fred Meyer, and others. (Can’t wait? Check out this Los Angeles Times price comparison).

As with any store opening, special offers will be available the first few days to get customers in the door. Expect a full price comparison from us later this summer, after the 365 store has been open for a few weeks.

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