Whole Foods Market 600 H St Ne Washington Dc 20002

Whole Foods Market 600 H St Ne Washington Dc 20002 – “Whole Foods offers free parking to all customers in its parking garage located below the store. Entrance is on 6th Street between H and I NE.

“Be careful when you shop at the new Whole Foods on H. There have been auto thefts in the middle of the day [on the street]. The windows aren’t broken, so they have to use a tool to get in. Make sure. to remove everything valuable!

Whole Foods Market 600 H St Ne Washington Dc 20002

I’ve worked here for the past 3 years and the break-ins started when Whole Foods opened, so the break-ins are watching people park in those blocks and go to Whole Foods (like I do a lot. I do. for my coffee now). They can well assume that people are in the supermarket for at least 10-15 minutes … Brez-in seems to be concentrated in the 4 blocks around the store.

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How Whole Foods Decides If Your Neighborhood Is Worthy

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“If you didn’t know, you’d think this new house was part of the original row of ‘rent today’ shacks” (reader request) Police are investigating a shooting related to an attempted robbery at Whole Foods. H Street NE. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

An employee was shot inside a Whole Foods Market during an attempted robbery Sunday morning, scaring shoppers and diners — including many small children — as they fled the popular H Street hangout. .

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Washington Police Chief Peter Newsham said the victim, a cashier, was shot twice after struggling with the gunman, who demanded money and tried to reach the cash drawer. The cashier resisted “heroically,” Newsham said.

Newsham said the victim was taken to a hospital in critical but later stabilized condition. No one else was hurt, the boss told reporters outside the store.

Police said Sunday night that they had arrested the suspect. Michael Whatley Jr., 28, of Southeast, was charged with assault with intent to commit robbery while armed, he said.

Washington police responded to a shooting at a Whole Foods Market in Northeast Washington on Dec. 2. (Video: Washington Post)

H Street (atlas District) (washington Dc)

“We all feel very bad,” said bakery supervisor Syed Kada, who was working in the store’s kitchen, when he heard the shot. “It’s like someone in your family got shot.”

Employees and customers described a chaotic and sad scene inside the store at 600 H Street NE. Shot at around 10:50 a.m. appeared in Row 4 of the checkout, where drops of blood were visible on the concrete floor next to the grocery store.

This 7-Eleven was robbed six times in four months. But residents see hope in neighborhood revitalization efforts.

It is unclear what led to the arrest. However, police said a red Honda Civic Zipcar was seen Sunday afternoon, which they believe is connected to the shooting.

K St Ne, Washington, Dc 20002

James Jackson, 38, who lives in the neighborhood, was eating breakfast inside the store with his family when the shooting happened.

NEW: H St NE @nbcwashington pic.twitter.com/iBiWE7UbaQ — Tom Lynch (@TomLynch_) December 2, 2018 Washington DC police identify red Jeep in connection with Whole Foods shooting.

“We heard a commotion, a scream; Something seemed to flow, and after a shooting, he said, “I grabbed my wife and 15-month-old son and ran down the street and called the police.”

In the meat department, an employee described customers “running across my cutting room to my refrigerator, and everyone was ‘shooting.'” The employee did not want to be identified because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

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Local resident Ramsey Taylor was leaving the store when he saw several families with small children running out the door. Another woman ran, crying and saying someone had shot her.

After the shooting, employees and customers gathered in front of the store’s entrance. Customers who were fleeing were allowed inside briefly to collect their belongings. The store was closed and the employees were sent home.

Whole Foods has questioned authorities about the shooting. The company declined to provide details on whether the shooting will result in increased security or when the store will reopen. However, the company issued a brief statement.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our team members at this time and we are grateful to the first responders on the scene, including the Metropolitan Police Department and the DC Fire and Emergency Department,” the statement said.

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Whole Foods is a relatively new addition to the growing H Street corridor, known for its performing arts center, nightlife and restaurants.

The community has changed dramatically in the past 10 years, with vacant storefronts replaced by trendy boutiques and bars, upscale apartment buildings and a streetcar line from Union Station.

A 40,000-square-foot Whole Foods opened in March 2017, replacing a demolished grocery store. A Washington Post story about its opening, headlined “New H Street Whole Foods Wants to Be Your Neighborhood Pub,” highlighted the store’s many attractions beyond groceries.

Citywide, armed robberies are up this year, but those crimes are down in police patrol areas that include Whole Foods, according to city crime data.

H Street Whole Foods Opens Today! (600 H St Ne)

“A shooting like this is unacceptable,” said DC Council member Charles Allen (D-Ward 6), who lives nearby and represents the neighborhood.

The event underscored “the hard work we have to do to end any type of violence,” including taking illegal guns off the streets of Washington.

Jennifer Chung, 33, lives in a condo attached to the store and goes to Whole Foods several times a day, she said. He found the shooting “a bit disturbing”.

Bridget Fields, 28, stopped at the market to get groceries on her bike when she found it locked.

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“I’m pretty much in shock right now,” Fields said. “I know the neighborhood isn’t great, but it’s getting better. Homes and style How Whole Foods determines if your neighborhood is worth it is the science behind the chain’s real estate decisions.”

In Washington, landing a Whole Foods near you feels like winning one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets, a sign that your neighbor has arrived. The upscale chain is credited with making the 14th Street corridor a prime residential option. Could your local corner be next?

The prospect of the first location, Tyson’s Corner, a 70,000-square-foot flagship, has been hailed as a sign that the office park/retail mecca is well on its way to becoming a place people want to live. Second, Shaw, located two blocks from Howard University, has been interpreted as evidence that the neighborhood’s recent gentrification is not a passing phenomenon.

Treating the upscale grocery store as some kind of real estate fairy godmother, though, kind of misses the point. Like all large retailers, Whole Foods relies heavily on micro-demographics and complex algorithms to determine where they are already growing and ready to attract the kind of well-educated and affluent that fit its customer profile carefully. Despite the hype, the store doesn’t sanctify the neighborhood: it does a more complicated version of the same math that many house hunters do. And that’s what makes science so interesting.

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Since 2000, when the Logan Circle Whole Foods opened, 28 more grocery stores have arrived in the district, according to the Washington, DC Economic Partnership. One of the reasons is that the city started offering tax breaks to supermarkets as an incentive to come.

More important, however, is the change in the way retailers and consumers think about space. Whole Foods eyed it first. The traditional model of a supermarket, a stand-alone one-story building in an ocean-sized parking lot, no longer works in most places. Most people want to live, shop and play in the same mixed-use complex, but land values ​​do not justify this type of planning.

“If you want to serve the beltway, you have to do an urban model,” says Carrie Judd, principal at real estate brokerage KLNB Retail.

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