Whole Foods Market 3111 Mowry Ave Fremont Ca 94538

Whole Foods Market 3111 Mowry Ave Fremont Ca 94538 – There’s been a lot of buzz about the new Whole Foods Market in Fremont opening this Wednesday. While some readers balked at the prices at high-end grocery chains, others raved about its healthy and unique options.

Located at 3111 Mowry Ave. In Fremont, the 39,000-square-foot store will be the Tri-City area’s first Whole Foods Market. In fairness, Fremont is also home to Trader Joe’s and Sprouts, both of which are healthy alternatives to mainstream grocery chains. But after taking a peek inside during last week’s tour, we learned a few facts that upped the store’s cool factor.

Whole Foods Market 3111 Mowry Ave Fremont Ca 94538

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Take A Sneak Peek At The Fremont Whole Foods

According to a Whole Foods manager, every Whole Foods market is designed to reflect the community, and it hits you in the face the moment you walk in. On the main entrance wall is a map of Fremont with all our different neighborhoods. Some of the vendors are local, too, and are sought after by Whole Foods “store owner” (yes, that’s the original title) Harv Singh. Among them is Niles Pie. Co in Union City, Ramavtar Singh Farms in Fremont, Dumb Chicken Farms in Sunol, Hillcrest Olive Oil in Sunol and Perry Organic Farms in Ardenwood, which Singh calls “a jewel in the urban landscape.” Perry Farms, which does not sell to other wholesalers, will supply fresh vegetables such as cauliflower and lettuce directly to stores, Singh said.

Some of the store’s contents are also named after Fremont landmarks, such as Mission Peak Tap Alley, along with popular items such as Niles Canyon, Alameda Creek and Mowri Sandwiches.

The store also caters to the Tri-City’s diverse population, offering halal lamb, a variety of Asian spices and gourmet Afghani and Indian groceries, packaged and hot. It’s about…

Many Whole Foods stores have a hot food station, but the Fremont location is the only one with a dosa station. Dosas, also easily found in Indian restaurants, are South Indian flatbreads that are usually folded and filled with potatoes or vegetables and accompanied by curry, lentils or chutney.

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The store also has a griddle/sauté station, burritos, sandwiches and pizza, as well as a bakery and grill. Grills are $7, burritos are $7, sandwiches start at $6 and pizzas start at $13 for a whole pizza or $5 for two slices.

Also unique to the Fremont location is a grilled cheese station conveniently located in the cheese section, featuring over 250 cheeses from around the world.

The store will feature a coffee and juice bar serving espresso, smoothies and other beverages. There’s also the aforementioned Mission Peak Tap Alley — a tap room that seats 40 people and features seven beers, wines and food. Featured beers include Bison Organic Beer and Drake’s Brewing.

“We wanted to create a place for Fremont residents to come together and have fun,” said Lisa Marie Wilson, marketing representative for Whole Foods.

Whole Foods Stock Video Footage

The store also offers a selection of more than 500 wines and 300 beers, including local breweries such as Buffalo Bill’s in Hayward.

Whole Foods Market Fremont will have a health food specialist on hand to assist customers with special diets and provide cooking tips and demonstrations. Maybe he can explain to me what “quinoa” is.

The store gives back to local nonprofits four times a year by donating five percent of daily net sales to community organizations. It begins a week after opening by donating one percent of proceeds to other nonprofits for five days, starting with Fremont Leaf on Sept. 30, Housing Services on Oct. 1, Fremont Education Foundation on Oct. 2, Tri-City Volunteers on Oct. 3, and Center Indian Community in Milpitas on Oct. 4.

Many readers are concerned about parking spaces at Whole Foods. There are 250 parking spaces, including several electric vehicle charging stations, as well as bike racks, Wilson said. “There will be plenty of parking for our customers,” he said.

Mowry Ave, Fremont, Ca 94536, Usa

Fremont Whole Foods opened Wednesday, Sept. 25, with a bread-breaking ceremony by Mayor Bill Harrison at 9:45 a.m. The store will open at 10:00. The first 250 customers will receive a gift bag containing the store’s signature item. This is the first Whole Foods Market in the Tri-City area, but what exactly sets it apart from other grocers like Safeway or Luckyi?

“Whole Foods offers healthy and unique options that you might not find in a regular supermarket,” said senior Iman Niaz. “Also, it brings in food from all over the world, which allows people to try new and different things.”

Whole Foods Market was founded in Austin, Texas in 1980 when four local entrepreneurs decided that they should offer natural foods to people in a familiar supermarket format. Since then, 364 stores have sprung up in the US, Canada and even the UK.

Shoppers enter the Fremont Whole Foods on Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013. The Fremont is now one of five locations in the Bay Area.

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The Fremont store features local vendors, including Niles Pie Co. in Union City, Ramavtar Singh Farm in Fremont, Foolish Hen Farms in Sunol and Perry Organic Farms in Ardenwood. Perry Organic Farms stocks produce cauliflower and lettuce.

Unique features at the Fremont location include a fresh juice and smoothie bar, bakery, Smokehouse Grill, hot food station, coffee bar and Mission Peak Tap Alley, featuring beverages from local breweries.

“My favorite feature of this store is the beverage section,” says Niaz. “Personally, I like to try different drinks, and Whole Foods offers a lot of drinks that you can’t get anywhere else, like European drinks.

Another quality of Whole Foods that people find attractive is its mission to give back to the community.

Craft Beer Near Me: Whole Foods Market

“I recently discovered that sometime throughout the year, Whole Foods donates a portion of their profits to community organizations,” said freshman Rena Dosanjh. “I think that’s a great thing.”

The main organizations that Whole Foods donates to in Fremont are Fremont Leaf, Abode Services, Fremont Education Foundation, Tri-City Volunteers and Indian Community Center (Milpitas).

Fremont Whole Foods Market is located at 3111 Mowry Avenue and is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on a daily basis.

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