What Is A Digital Marketing Director

What Is A Digital Marketing Director – Digital marketing can generate incredible ROI, but capturing that potential value requires a well-organized team of experts.

If your Facebook ads are already generating traffic, a paid media expert and experienced marketing designer can optimize the ads to deliver higher quality ads. If a blog post captures 20 email addresses per month, good writing and SEO can help it capture 50.

What Is A Digital Marketing Director

Building a team that can maximize the impact of your digital channels isn’t just about hiring more digital marketers. Instead, the most successful marketing teams are structured to focus on digital marketing outcomes and include specific core competencies.

Digital Marketing Job Description

When you’re ready to start hiring, click here to download our Marketing Manager job description template. Two recruiting approaches that will keep teams

Many teams trying to generate more leads through digital marketing are slow to effectively grow their teams:

Hiring a digital marketing specialist or digital generalist may seem like a quick fix to build your team’s digital muscle, but they’re unlikely to have the channel-specific expertise you need. To increase the value you get from digital channels, rather than simply increasing your digital marketing output, your recruitment needs to focus on specialized roles and skills.

Even if you bring in talented digital marketers, adding them to a team that isn’t structured to focus on digital means you end up with underutilized resources and conflicting goals. If digital marketing is to be a team priority, create a digital-focused team structure with new members to facilitate strategy and collaboration.

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A comprehensive digital marketing plan includes multiple channels and formats. As a result, you need to have a range of skills on your team to get the most out of each platform. Depending on your marketing strategy, you’ll likely need many (or even all) of these skills on your team.

For smaller teams, you can combine multiple skills in each role or outsource certain skilled tasks to freelancers and agencies.

Before you start hiring or replacing your marketing team, determine what your ideal structure would be to cover the required marketing skills.

Depending on where you are on your growth path—whether you’re a startup, Series A, or private equity—your needs and resources will look very different.

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In the video below, we look at five common stages of marketing maturity and what team structures often look like at each stage.

You can take a deeper look at the impact of marketing maturity in this post on marketing team structure.

Are you selling a low ACV product to a large market or are you an enterprise B2B company with a limited target audience? This informs your acceptable CAC and the approach that makes sense for your business, so it also informs the skills and number of team members you need. The diagram below provides a rough framework for this. Green indicates sub-features worth paying attention to; Yellow indicates sub-functions that may be restricted; Pink indicates sub-functions that are unlikely to be productive.

For example, if you focus on cross-selling or up-selling initiatives, your team will look different than if you focus on new or inbound marketing. Map growth opportunities and their relative priority levels, then consider the skills your team needs to take advantage of each opportunity.

Marketing Executive Resume

The goals you need to achieve and the budget you need to meet are fundamental factors in team size and the new hire proposal. Work backwards from your revenue goals to the number of MQLs your marketing needs to generate and then the bandwidth you need in each sub-function to generate those leads.

Based on these four key inputs, you can create a team structure. For the second phase of marketing an organization, it might look like this:

In this example, the CMO gets an overall view of the overall digital strategy and how each sub-team contributes to marketing goals. It also helps create a consistent set of approaches and processes to facilitate project work across functional areas.

While demand, SEO, content and operations form the four pillars of this structure, they have complementary skills and an effective marketing team will focus on working together to achieve KPIs. For example, an SEO manager may need additional copywriting skills from a content specialist, or a marketing program specialist may work with a gen demand specialist and a designer to create paid ads for an online event.

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In this example, if the company has built its team from scratch or is working with a tight marketing budget, the first two levels of this structure will be more important to begin with. A core team of Marketing Director, General Demand Manager, SEO Manager, Content Manager and Marketing Operations Manager form the core competencies required for a complete digital marketing team.

However, as they look to expand their digital channels, adding a third level and direct reporting to each functional area will give them the speed to increase day-to-day performance. This allows managers and level directors to focus on strategy and campaign creation.

The team structure above covers 11 common roles that many companies should include in their marketing strategy. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these common roles contribute and what to look for when hiring.

The Marketing Director brings overall strategy and leadership to the team. They turn data into strategic decisions that help optimize team activities and refine the use of each channel. The role also includes oversight of the marketing budget and key deliverables, so he can prioritize how the team uses and conserves resources to generate maximum ROI. Having a marketing representative on the senior management team ensures that marketing remains at the forefront of discussions and decision-making.

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As Director of Growth Marketing, you will be responsible for the strategy, development and implementation of marketing programs and campaigns designed to increase awareness and demand for the company’s products and services.

By combining inbound, outbound and ABM strategies, you will be responsible for both pipeline and revenue management. You will receive support from the Sales, Marketing Operations, Content & Events and Product Marketing teams as you work together to achieve our goals.

The Marketing Operations Manager uses data to evaluate the performance of all elements of the marketing team and design processes and approaches that can increase ROI. This includes finding ways to get more value from the marketing automation software and tools the team uses.

This role is particularly important as a support to the Marketing Director. The Marketing Operations Manager ensures that the data used to inform key strategic decisions is accurate and clearly presented and helps communicate marketing results to the executive management team.

Director Of Digital Marketing Cover Letter Examples

Reporting to the Director of Digital Marketing and Operations, Hyperscience is looking for a Marketing Operations Manager with 3+ years of experience managing marketing technology, supporting campaign planning and actionable insights, strong analytical skills, and experience in marketing reporting and data manipulation and analysis.

The Marketing Operations Manager role owns the administration of our marketing automation platform and related tools, supports integrated campaign execution, and provides reporting to measure operational success and opportunities for improvement.

You will combine your analytical experience with Marketo and knowledge of B2B executive management workflows to streamline our marketing efforts, measure results more effectively and improve processes. You will have marketing dashboards, reports and performance optimization.

A general demand manager manages leads, especially in paid media channels. This role develops strategy for the use of PPC, search ads, display ads and paid social ads and oversees the execution of these campaigns by gen specialists.

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The Lead Generation Manager analyzes lead generation data and organizes testing, helping to demonstrate progress toward lead goals and identify opportunities for paid media optimization.

Atlassian is looking for a Demand Generation Manager to help drive campaigns to completion and drive demand for our ITSM suite. Your role will build and execute B2B demand generation strategies in collaboration with Product Sales and Marketing and other internal teams. If you’re looking to build and launch a new business in collaboration with Atlassian teams, you’ll love reading here.

We are looking for a lead making machine. You thrive on funnel analysis and talk about acronyms like MQL, SQL, ROI and conversion rates. You love the science of marketing as much as the art, and you love creating, implementing and measuring new systems, processes and campaigns. You will work with Atlassian’s top product teams and new businesses.

An SEO manager brings organic traffic to the top, middle and bottom of the marketing funnel. Organic traffic can have an incredible ROI, so a good SEO manager will generate many leads with little investment. This role brings strategy and expertise to your SEO activities and leverages expertise in best practices

Digital Marketing, Director Job Description

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