Makai Market Food Court Hours

Makai Market Food Court Hours – For Hawaiian restaurateurs, the past few weeks have been a daily struggle to maintain balance.

“We truly feel like we’re sailing our ship alone through uncharted waters,” said Peter Merriman, owner of Merriman’s in four states and partner of five other restaurants.

Makai Market Food Court Hours

Ed Kenney, one of Oahu’s most famous restaurateurs, is indefinitely closing his Kaimuki restaurants – Town, Mud Hen Water and Kaimuki Superette – and catering company UPtown Events. About fifty employees work in the restaurants.

Ala Moana Center Extending Its Hours In September

“We hope to be back in a month, but I don’t know,” Kenney said. “I think it’s irresponsible to open a space where people can come together and spread the virus.”

Kenney has a consulting contract with Hoshino Resorts for the Mahina & Sun Restaurant at the Surfjack Hotel in Waikiki. He said he would discuss with Hoshino how to proceed.

Merriman and Roy Yamaguchi, owners of 12 Roy’s restaurants across the state, say they have cut hours for some employees and in some cases reduced hours, but have not had to resort to layoffs and plan to stay open as long as they feel safe. the health of employees and visitors.

“Our business has definitely collapsed,” Yamaguchi said, though he couldn’t say by how much. “I hate to watch.”

Sunrise Black Friday: Honolulu Cookie Company

Merriman said the consequences of the restaurant’s closure go far beyond business losses. He said workers would suffer, as would all farmers and businesses in the supply chain. “If we could mitigate the impact of downtime, this decision would be much easier to make.”

White House guidelines released Monday urged Americans to avoid gatherings in groups of more than 10 people and limit dining options to drive-thru, take-out and delivery options. Several major US cities and states have ordered restaurants to close or drastically reduce operations.

Hawaii Governor David Ige and Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell did not follow suit. At a Monday press conference, Ige said restaurants had the option to make changes to allow for social distancing and stay open. Caldwell urged all businesses, including restaurants, to follow Centers for Disease Control advice that all meetings be held with fewer than 50 people.

Owners of local restaurants large and small said they were reducing the number of tables in their dining rooms and increasing cleaning efforts.

A Noodle Story

Melissa Cedillo, owner of Elena’s Filipino Foods in Waipahu, said she plans to reduce the number of seats in her restaurant from 15 to 8 so people can sit 6 feet apart.

Customers can no longer help themselves to the popular $12.99 buffet. instead, employees earn money from their choices. “We have resistance today, but I tell people the germs. … Social distancing and isolation, it works, but everyone has to do it.

Cedillo has 22 employees, about half of whom have worked at the restaurant for more than 25 years, some working for his parents. “I don’t want to lay off employees. I’m going to find a way to pay them. I have to do it,” he said. my conscience.”

Some of Honolulu’s largest buffet restaurants are closing or moving to a la carte dining. At Kai Market at Sheraton Waikiki, Buffet at Hyatt at Hyatt Regency Waikiki and 100 Sails Restaurant and Bar in Prince Waikiki, staff said buffets will be closed this week.

Chick Fil A To Open At Ala Moana Center Food Court In Late 2022

The self-service delicatessen will also be renovated. Starting this morning, the hot and cold bars at Foodland Farms will no longer be self-serve, Foodland spokeswoman Sheryl Toda said. The assortment is packaged, some of them in heat-resistant containers, so that customers can buy them as a ready-to-eat dish. Two bars at Ala Moana Center and Pearl City Foodland Farms will be closed for a month.

Whole Foods Market made a company-wide announcement that it would close all of its self-service stations and bars, suspend food sampling and lock seats starting Wednesday. Alternatively, it will expand the range of packaged goods and items that can be ordered from take-out counters.

In Down to Earth, however, deli managers at two of Oahu’s five locations said they were taking it on overnight pending a decision from their company’s CEO, Mark Fergusson.

Jimmy Chun, owner of five Kim Chee restaurants, said while restaurants rely more on customers to eat, he is happy to serve takeout and even meet customers in their cars to deliver orders.

Changes Are In Store For Ala Moana Center With New Tenants Coming Soon

“We still want humans to keep us alive,” Chun said. “If people stay at home, restaurants will close.”

Brandon Dela Cruz, chief marketing officer of L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, which has 64 franchises in Hawaii and 137 on the mainland, said the chain “does a lot of takeout and delivery (to third parties)”.

Rick Nakashima – owner of the Rainbow Drive-In franchise, four Ruby Tuesdays and four Gyu-Kaku Japanese steakhouses with a total of 650 employees – said his restaurants may also be trying to distract themselves from the food scene. “We want to change some of our TV ads and pushes. We understand that some people may want to eat, self-quarantine, and not be in a restaurant with 100 other people.

Nakashima said he felt particularly bad about minor surgeries. “That’s the sad thing about it. I feel like it might put off a lot of small businesses. If you have a little hole in the wall, a place with your mom and dad – that’s the place. ‘America, a small restaurant. Not Ruby Tuesday.

The Counter For Aja Sushi & Bento In The Makai Market Food Court At Ala Moana Center

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