Lead Generation For Digital Marketing Agencies

Lead Generation For Digital Marketing Agencies – While referrals and reviews are often the most important sources of new leads for local agencies, they are often the most important source of new leads for local agencies. But lead generation is also important for business growth. Without qualified leads Your sales team’s performance will stop. And it becomes very difficult to nurture and convert new leads.

Therefore, it is essential that agencies know how to generate leads and set up a continuous lead flow system.

Lead Generation For Digital Marketing Agencies

In this article, we’ll cover a number of strategies your agency can implement. And make sure you don’t miss out on this valuable sales opportunity.

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According to our 2020 State of Content Marketing Report, generating quality leads is the top goal for 79% of businesses in 2021. Additionally, more than half of agencies surveyed said their biggest content marketing challenge is getting leads. creating content for that purpose

These numbers show how accelerated lead generation is for agencies. But when you also consider that 68% of companies have trouble generating leads. The need for an effective strategy is clear.

In most cases Lead generation is a process that is carried out within a given funnel. for agencies This involves several key components: driving traffic to your website (acquisition) or managing to capture and convince that traffic to provide you with contact information. (participation)

There are also lots of ways to get someone’s contact information. Even if you have to offer something in return. The compensation that users receive for their personal information is known as a Lead Magnet and can be in the form of:

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When you use one of these (or other) methods to secure your visitor’s contact information. You can move them to the next step of the funnel: lead scoring. As the number of leads increases and increases You can automate this part of the process.

If your lead score is high enough They may be considered a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), which means that the person is interested enough to be involved in your marketing process. But not ready to buy at this point. Leads will be passed on to your sales team. and are nurtured through the rest of the process to eventually become paying customers.

What are the best strategies a B2B marketing agency can use to generate leads?

The direct and connected nature of social media makes it suitable and perhaps underestimated for both organic and paid lead generation activities. Especially if you’re on the right platform.

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LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can be especially helpful in this regard. And all can be managed with Social Media Toolkit.

Perhaps the most prominent channel for identifying and targeting decision-makers is LinkedIn. According to the company itself, 4 out of 5 users of the platform drive business decisions at their companies. This makes it a fertile ground for building interest in the product.

Although you can search and contact these people directly. But of course, utilizing lead generation form tools is less time-consuming and more efficient. Instead of directing people off the platform to an external form page. The ad will automatically enter the user’s contact details as part of the interface. This eliminates registration problems. Make the whole process more convenient for your potential customers.

In December 2020, the platform also launched a product page feature. This allows you to collect references and reviews about your products and services, and includes custom CTAs such as demo requests or sales contact forms.

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LinkedIn is no longer “just” a bona fide recruiting tool. The platform now delivers 15x more content than job postings, meaning users are engaged and learning about other companies. in their industry seriously.

In the past, marketers could use pre-filled forms with Twitter’s lead generation cards, but these were discontinued in 2016 and replaced with a marketing ecosystem and lead generation capabilities. All sold under the Twitter business umbrella.

It’s still a great place to generate leads. Especially if you use cards or platform carousels. It can also be an effective way to target key decision makers and industry figures. It depends on your sector.

As an agency, you might think that Facebook is only reserved for B2C lead generation, but it can also be an effective strategy for B2B marketing campaigns.

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Created for this purpose Facebook Lead Ads work similarly to LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and can be used to offer a variety of lead magnets, including:

Like regular Facebook ads, the main value of this approach is Facebook’s own targeting capabilities. After all, B2B decision-makers are still human. You can customize your target audience, ad content, and marketing budget as granularly as you want. While the platform’s strong daily active user base of 1.8 billion speaks for itself.

Google search ads are another effective way to generate targeted leads. However, there are several factors to consider in order to get a successful return on this approach:

If your agency is local or regional focused or specialize in traditional or offline marketing. Local media ads and listings are another great lead generation strategy.

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You can manage your Google My Business listings and local listings more efficiently by using listing management tools.

SEO is the cheapest and most reliable way to generate leads. But it’s like a paid ad. It takes a lot of finesse on your part.

This approach also depends heavily on the quality of your content. Especially if you’re targeting a niche market (our Marketplace platform can provide industry-specific writers for this purpose). It may also take some time to look at your work.

As already mentioned Once your content has been rated You can generate instant leads at any time. With no ongoing costs for your agency.

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This method is often overlooked. But it can be very successful in terms of lead generation. By creating a presence in multiple directories, you can increase visibility. build a reputation And generate lots of leads that will deliver the most important revenue to support and grow your agency.

Of course, you can also be listed in the agency’s partner directory. This will give your agency access to more than 6 million sellers, as well as brand recognition as an official partner. In addition to being a partner You get additional features in your agency growth toolkit, such as unlimited client managers and advanced reporting options for growing your agency.

There are many public and private contract aggregators in the market where you can find the right bidding opportunities and acquire new companies as clients. Finding leads in this channel can be more labor intensive than other channels due to the high requirements and large amount of required documentation. but with a bid You will receive many contracts and influential clients.

Influencer marketing has become a very popular strategy in recent years. Especially in the younger B2C segment. But it can also be an effective lead generation strategy for agencies.

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The key is to work with the right influencers. According to a 2021 DemandGen study, 40% of B2B executives surveyed said they value consuming credible content from industry influencers. These people may be speakers at trade fairs. Industry magazine sponsor or other relevant and authoritative media persons in your industry

Once you’ve identified the right people to work with. (And if their audience is relevant to your goals) you should try to engage with them and convince them of the value your agency delivers.

Referrals are a great way to generate indirect leads. Because reputation can have a great influence on an industry.

To manage lead generation this way It is important to establish relationships and develop formal and informal partnerships with originating providers. other agencies (non-direct competitors) and niche partners

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Hosting your own webinar is a great way to build authority and credibility. and to build your agency as a thought leader. It’s a great way to collect leads. Because webinar invitations can be used as lead magnets. And it’s a great opportunity to build relationships with key people in your industry by inviting them as guests.

In fact, according to DemandGen, webinars are the preferred form of content (along with eBooks) for B2B executives, especially in the early and middle stages of the sales process.

This also applies if you’ve attended other webinars, such as industry organizations or publications. in the end Webinar attendees will already be interested in the topic you covered. Which gives them a great opportunity for your agency. You will have the opportunity at the end of the webinar to publicize your website and social media. allowing you to continue the conversation elsewhere

Video marketing has become important in the past few years. According to a 2021 survey by video marketing agency Wyzowl, 86% of businesses currently use it as a marketing tool. Up from just 61% in 2016.

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Interestingly enough, 84% of businesses want that video too.

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