Is Digital Storm Worth It

Is Digital Storm Worth It – If you’ve bought a pre-built gaming PC in the past year, you’ve probably come across Build Redux. Digital Storm is a new brand under the popular systems integrator’s umbrella that apparently aims to “bring gaming to the masses,” at least according to an article on the company’s major website.

By the way, a site that turns the mouse pointer into an FPS target grid. What a great player. Corny UI replacements aside, from what I’ve found so far, Jenga Redux tries to make the process of building a custom PC as approachable and accessible as possible. Not bad when it comes to the amazing world of computer hardware.

Is Digital Storm Worth It

Start by choosing “good,” “better,” and “best” as a starting point based on your budget. These labels basically correspond to the quality and potency of the ingredients used. After you have a good base, you choose what kind of games you want to play on your device, as well as the resolution (1080p or 1440p).

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From there, like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory machines, the site offers a design that is supposedly perfect for your gaming needs, which you can further customize if needed. Once the build is complete, there’s a payment option and Build Redux’s claim to fame: a reasonable $75 build fee, which is less than NZXT’s custom fee of $99.

You also get a 2-year warranty, which is one of the most attractive options when it comes to pre-built computers, as you don’t have to go to multiple manufacturers to replace broken or non-working parts.

Yes, things look promising in Build Redux at first, but are any of these shiny builds worth your hard-earned money? Let’s find out.

Build Redux shipped one of their “Best” remastered kits for a total value of $2,093.99, which includes a $75 build fee. The team basically traded the AMD 5600X and RTX 3070 against the standard 5800X and RTX 3080 that are usually installed on BR “Bora” systems. I’m not sure if it had something to do with the lack of shipping or what, but you can see the full list of links below:

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There’s a lot to look forward to here in terms of potential gaming performance, although Build Redux isn’t very good at how RAM branding (and the entire chipset branding) is installed. My review unit includes two Patriot Viper 3200 MHz DDR4 sticks with red accents and an ASUS X570 motherboard.

With the Ryzen 5 5600X CPU, I think I’d prefer a 3600MHz DIMM, but 3200MHz is more than usable. It’s at least two channels, though. Remember that the DOCP/XMP profile must be enabled in the BIOS to get the advertised 3200 MHz frequency. System integrators really need to start enabling advanced features because the average user probably won’t go into the BIOS to enable it. Basically leaving performance on the table.

To give you a little context on shipping times, my order for the Build Redux review unit was placed on September 23rd and delivered on October 3rd. 11 days doesn’t seem “fast” to me, but I need to slow down a bit on Build Redux. For that matter, the pandemic has affected the delivery efficiency of FedEx trucks in my area. On the other hand, I know other system integrators ship with 6-8 week lead times, so maybe less than 2 weeks from order to delivery isn’t bad at all.

The review unit arrived in a black and blue box with no visible damage and was easy to carry around at about 35 pounds. I opened the package to find a large “Welcome to PC Gaming” message on top of the tower and a box of accessories. , motherboard manual , Wi-Fi network card installation CD (in 2021!), extra screws, replacement CPU holder. , RGB remote control and plenty of free cable storage for future upgrades.

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Opening a pre-built system after a long time is always a little breather. That said, the Jenga Redux category seemed more of a piece. The tower itself was well protected by strong foam, and no part of the stained glass was cracked or broken. All the internal components were well protected by the expandable foam and the GPU didn’t detach or detach from the board. However, the food itself was a different story.

Aside from the brief text on the box, I couldn’t find any brochures to guide me through the setup process. In a recent review of the NZXT BLD unit, I found this omission to be glaring. I also couldn’t find the promised Windows 10 USB flash drive anywhere. A bit strange.

I was disappointed to find that for some reason the panel was out of place with the rear I/O shield. This bug made the top two USB ports on the board inaccessible and unusable because the dull metal edges prevented the plug from being inserted. To fix this I had to tear down most of the Jenga Redux, remove the board from the chassis and modify/reset the board with the I/O shield.

Interestingly, in the process I noticed that one of the posts under the board had been removed and would not stay until the board was attached to the chassis. So after reassembling the rig, all but one of the screws on the Jenga Redux board can be re-tightened. Maybe this free space caused the original difference, but I can’t know for sure.

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I don’t know if the error occurred during shipping, if my TD500 case is damaged, or if the problem was overlooked during the assembly process.

I think it goes without saying that for someone entering the world of PC gaming (ie the target buyer of Build a Redux) this type of USB port is pretty noticeable. I doubt the average customer would be willing (or even have the knowledge) to throw away their entire computer to access the many USB ports they previously paid for. Such a customer will either assume they are missing two USB ports or contact Build Redux for a full repair/replacement. The latter, of course, would be an unavoidable cost that the company would simply have to eat.

One) may seem trivial or silly, but given Jenga Redux’s target market of new PC gamers, I believe the error is huge. It’s just bad for both parties involved. A customer is dissatisfied with Build Redux and must pay for extensive customer support or a fully shipped replacement.

My Build Redux review unit was housed in Cooler Master’s TD500, which is a solid chassis, at least in terms of airflow. There’s a nice mesh front panel that gives you plenty of room to breathe (and looks good too), and thicker mesh on the top and back panels. The dust filter on the top can be removed for easy cleaning.

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Also, this unit had six fans, which some might find a little overkill, but I’m not good with overkill. The design during the game is very good. With a noise level of about 40 dBA, the review unit reached about 52 dBA during gaming sessions and synthetic stress tests.

On that note, it’s a little silly that Build Redux mentions that this rig has four free CM MasterFans, since the TDR500 retails with four of those fans by default, three of which are for RGB gaming. Of course, you get an RGB rear fan out of the deal. Smart marketing in my opinion.

Front I/O includes two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack, a microphone, and a reset button. I’d like to see at least one USB-C port on the top, especially since the included motherboard doesn’t have one.

The AIO pump is often audible and occasionally produces a hum and hum/vibration that can be remedied by reorienting the radiator. Since the Jenga Redux is installed in the AIO, the tube goes down from the top of the case to the CPU block, it actually goes up from the bottom. Or better yet, Jenga Redux can put the radiator up and the pipes down.

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The Redux Build Unit started without a hitch, and it wasn’t for the standard Windows 10 setup screen, but for an amazing desktop. The only two shortcuts were NVIDIA GeForce Experience and Microsoft Edge, and the browser home page was obviously set to Build Redux.

As far as bloatware goes, my Jenga Redux review unit was almost non-existent. The downside is that there was no pre-installed RGB software to control the AIO or fan lighting, so I had to go online. There was always the RGB remote, but we’ll get to that next time.

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