International Fresh Market Near Me

International Fresh Market Near Me – International Fresh Market 華夏超市 located in North Carolina; A Chinese-American working from Raleigh; An Asian and international supermarket.

With locations in the Midwest and Southeast Asia, the chain owns several Asian supermarkets under different names, such as Gre Onion, which was acquired in 2016 under (formerly) Orital Mart and International Fresh Market brands; In 2021.

International Fresh Market Near Me

International Fresh Market is looking to expand its footprint through a 2021 application to the Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority to open a store in the Save in the Hill District area of ​​Pittsburgh.

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The chain is based in East Lansing, near the campus of Michigan State University. It started in 2012 at the College of Michigan.

At that time, Michigan had the largest number of Chinese students in the United States, and approximately 4,700 Chinese were issued study visas. during the Brooke Institute research period.

The founder of Bow Kou, himself a Chinese international student, attended MSU in 2009 and became a stockbroker when he was four. fired for a job at the campus cafeteria.

Kou was from Michigan; a co-owner of a student library and coffee shop in East Lansing; Before deciding to focus on the retail business by buying two supermarkets Michigan Asia, the beginning of the International Fresh Market brand. . As a source for the expansion of the Midwest, the Oriental Mart in East Lansing is now the International Fresh Market, and we took a look inside the renovated store before its reopening on January 29.

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“We added a restaurant,” said owner Bowen Kou. “We have a good variety, we have pasta, we have sushi, we have hotpots, we have a large area near the restaurant for customers. We have juice and a bakery. We have added a large portion of fish.

Although renovations began in March, The store, which previously had a karaoke and pool bar, was closed in October to expand. Oriental Mart in East Lansing was Bowen’s first store, which he bought in 2012. He has kept the name until now.

“After a few years, the shops were reopened. I have my own brand, So our new name will focus on what we do: bring new products; Bringing a new international flavor to the city – not just oriental food – will come to town.

Bowen is now in Illinois; Indiana, Six stores in North Carolina and Michigan. With this addition, Bowen said he and his team are trying to better serve the local community.

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The number of Chinese students studying at Michigan State University has dropped from about 4,800 in recent years to more than 2,400 in the fall of 2015. The number has also decreased. students from Korea and Taiwan.

For those new to Asian food and cooking, Fresh International Market will offer recipes and guides on social media.

“I graduated from Michigan State and I will always think of this as my hometown,” added Bowed. “This is why I put so much thought and energy into this… Everyone is welcome to come check it out after our Grand Opening, the We will have a soft opening on January 29, but the grand opening will be mid-February.”

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