International Food Market Charlotte Nc

International Food Market Charlotte Nc – The Charlotte area is a large region with a growing Asian population. At the same time, future food cultures showcased the best tastes and dishes to be found in Asian cuisine.

Fortunately, this is true not only in authentic Asian restaurants, but also in markets. The market offers everything from popular snacks, beverages, exotic produce, local food/seafood and more to cater to the hard-to-find food you’re looking for. You prepare Asian food.

International Food Market Charlotte Nc

Charlotte is home to Super G Mart, Asia’s mega supermarket, but the area also has many department stores and supermarkets offering products from specific regions such as Southeast Asia, Korea, India, Japan and the Philippines. . If you’re lucky, some serve fresh food, so you can have several bites of authentic Asian food at the same time.

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Family-owned and operated Vieng Keo Asian Market (V & K Market for short) has been serving the west side of Charlotte since 2006. The store offers everything from Southeast Asian cuisine to noodles, condiments, snacks, sauces, frozen foods and a variety of fresh fruit. , vegetables and produce delivered straight from Florida every Wednesday. You can find other exotic fruits like rambutan, longan and jackfruit. During the warmer months, they also offer a variety of live plants such as avocados, guava and mangoes. In recent years they have expanded stores in Gastonia (VK 2) and Mount Holly (VK 3). No visit to the market is complete without trying some authentic Lao food from the local food truck, JP LaoFood ToGo. Follow them on Facebook for fresh produce from the trucks and the latest updates on plants and truck specials.

The original Kim Anh Market is located in Whitehall Business Park off Arrowood Road in southwest Charlotte. Opened in 2016, it offers a variety of noodles, condiments, sauces, snacks, beverages and frozen items to complement the fresh produce, herbs, eggs, noodles and meats. If you arrive early, you can choose from a variety of homemade food items in front of the store. If you’re in Plaza Midwood, you can stop by the second store on Central Avenue next to Famous Landscaping.

Anh Dao Sakura Oriental Market The Vietnam Asian market is located along South Boulevard in Charlotte’s Lower Southend. The medium-sized market offers a variety of noodles, spices, sauces, frozen foods, snacks and beverages, in addition to fresh produce, herbs, meats and noodles. You will also find a small selection of homemade packaged foods such as summer rolls, spring rolls, pastries and rice dishes. A wide selection of Asian beers and sakes complete the experience without going to the big Asian markets.

More than three years ago, owner Tony Liu opened the first of three Asian markets, New Asia Market (formerly Grand Asia Market), in Stallings. The largest of the three stores is in Sugar Creek, on the corner of The Plaza and Eastway Drives, and competes with the popular Super G Mart for size and inventory. The well-appointed store with bright yellow walls exudes an IKEA-esque vibe and offers everything from fresh produce, impressive fresh seafood and seafood, fresh meat and poultry, frozen foods, noodles, condiments, sauces, snacks and beverages. , beer and sake. Liu opened his own restaurant serving bubble tea, steamed buns, roast duck, and a variety of rice and noodle dishes. Buy fresh or live seafood and we will cook it for you. Besides Asian offerings, you can also find other international flavors such as Mexican, Caribbean and Cajun. This small university doesn’t serve fresh, live seafood, but has a good selection of fresh produce and meats. Like the Sugar Creek store, the Stallings location offers similar items except for a more robust food court area and bakery.

Asian Corner Mall Supermarket To Close By End Of The Year

If you’re looking for a taste of Japan, head to Hatoya Japanese Shop in Pineville. Find a wide variety of fresh produce, sauces, ramen, noodles, fresh miso, condiments and frozen foods. We have everything you need when you want to make your own sushi or sashimi, including glazed fish and seafood. They also have a variety of sake and some Japanese beers.

The island nation of the Philippines is also represented in Charlotte’s Asian markets. It is near PNC Pavillion in a popular shopping mall called Filipino Mart. A small market offers Filipino noodles, sauces, spices and snacks. Highlights are the range of frozen items, from beef and seafood to lumpia. You can also find ice cream from Goldilocks, one of the most popular baking brands in the Philippines. No freshly prepared food, but catering service for authentic Filipino food. This is a great market to visit to learn more about Filipino food.

Although the name of this mid-sized market suggests that it is international, the international supermarket sells almost exclusively Asian goods. The mall is located in the Tryon Mall (now known as the Asian Corner Mall), a relic of Charlotte’s past. When the store closed in the late 1990s, it also became a social destination for a growing number of South Asian immigrants. Outdoor markets and parking lots can require some attention, but the market is at the center of providing delicious Asian cuisine to the Charlotte community. Here you can find a variety of noodles, snacks, drinks, condiments, sauces and frozen products, as well as fresh herbs, fruits and seafood. Stop by nearby Le’s Sandwiches & Cafe to complete your shopping experience with the best Charlotte Banh Mi available.

Han’s is one of the few Asian markets focused on Korean delicacies. Han’s, a small shop in a strip mall off Independence in Matthews, serves an entire refrigerator full of fresh, homemade kimchi and other pickles. They also have Korea’s famous noodles, sauces, seasonings, snacks, drinks, frozen products and some fresh products. Arrive early to ensure home-cooked food, meals and snacks are served that day.

Massive New Super G Mart To Open In Pineville This Summer

Located along Central Avenue in Plaza Midwood, this is a gem of an Asian market serving mostly Southeast Asian cuisine. The Family Market offers a variety of fresh products, noodles, sauces, spices, snacks, beverages and frozen foods in a small space. They serve homemade food like summer rolls and pastries, so get there early for the best selection. The market has a $10 minimum purchase when paying with a credit or debit card, so it’s a good idea to close the ATM when checking out.

Want to experience the cuisine of Myanmar (formerly Burma)? There is such a store in South Charlotte. Myanmar cuisine is similar to other Southeast Asian countries, but you can find several Myanmar specialties such as tea salad (lephet thoke) and baskets used to prepare fish noodle soup (magazine). , the family market. Their menu includes drinks, snacks, noodles, sauces and condiments, as well as small amounts of fresh fruit, frozen and frozen foods. They also offer homemade packaged products such as rice dishes and pastries.

The national grocery chain has two locations in Charlotte, one in Pineville and one in the college area. Both allow you to explore India’s diverse tastes and cuisines. Check out the back aisle for fresh milk and many new options such as spices, dried beans, instant curds, snacks, beverages, frozen foods, different types of rice, breads (such as naan and ), beverages, paneer and yogurt. . product. The larger of the two is located in the university district and has a small hot food and grill corner where you can fill up on samosas and chai and shop for other goodies.

Discover Indian flavors and food locally at India Grocers. Two stores are planned, one in Pineville and the other in the college area. Whether you’re looking to try Indian cuisine from scratch or frozen treats, there’s something for every store. With a variety of spices, rice, lentils, fresh paneer and yogurt, dried fruit, nuts, flours, frozen foods, sauces, chutneys and fresh fruit, you will not be left empty-handed.

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Those in the Concord area can indulge in Indian food at Rice N’ Spice Market. In addition to various types of rice and spices, the market also has fresh fruits, frozen foods, snacks, beverages, beans, flour, and more. Opened in 2018, this market is not as large as other Indian markets, but still offers good options.

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