Ho Chi Minh City Street Food Market

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Ho Chi Minh City Street Food Market

Update: (April 2, 2022) Ben Thanh Street Food Market is closed. The space is now occupied by a nightclub.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

It’s funny, Ren and I love street food when we travel. We will not leave him. But when we are at home in Manila, we never touch those items. we eat street food as usual

I think it’s because we’ve all heard the stories since we grew up in Manila. As a child, I remember my sister telling me how her friend’s cousin’s classmate’s sister (or something like that) fell into a fish ball and bit the seller’s nails. I don’t know how much truth is there in that urban legend, but I believed it and stayed away from street food ever since. In my opinion, this is nonsense.

I didn’t have those fears or prejudices during my recent trip to Vietnam. We enjoyed all the food on our trip, most of it from street food vendors, and we didn’t mind every time we put our finger into the food. Like my version of Manila, I realized that not all travelers have the same carefree attitude towards street food. If you’re curious about Vietnamese street food but concerned about cleanliness, then Ben Thanh Street Food Market in Ho Chi Minh City is for you.

Ben Thanh Street Food Market is a trendy food store located just steps from Ben Thanh Street Food Market in Saigon. See where those motorcycles are going? At the end of the block is Ben Thanh Market.

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Cute restaurants like this one have been very popular in Manila for the past few years. This is an interesting concept. Have multiple restaurants and place them all in one place to give guests more options.

I haven’t counted but I think there are 20-25 vendors here selling all kinds of Vietnamese food. There is a stand that sells a variety of beers.

There are bench-style tables at the front and back of the market. If I remember correctly, they have evaporative air conditioners behind them so it’s nice to sit there.

Do you see the speaker They play Top 40 music in the market so you can shout out Ben Sheeran with beers and thiet naan pastries.

Hanoi Or Ho Chi Minh City: Where Should You Visit First?

Funny wall I forgot to take pictures, but the bathrooms were beautiful too. They used painted barrels as sinks and had graffiti-style art on the walls. Like many restaurants these days, Ben Thanh Street Food Market was made for Instagram.

I read that Ben Thanh Street Food Market was specially built for tourists. Many tourists are afraid of eating street food, so they opened this place to make it cleaner and more attractive to foreigners. While we were there, almost all the customers were not Vietnamese.

See the open panels on the ceiling? On sunny days these parts can be retracted like a car sunroof to let in more light and air.

A saleswoman is preparing our plates of bun thiet ng. Bun thint noodle is a cold rice and vermicelli noodle dish made with grilled pork, fresh herbs and vegetables, then topped with fish sauce.

What To Do In Ho Chi Minh City

I’m not an expert on Vietnamese food so I don’t know how perfect it is, but it was delicious. We paid 60,000 VND for this plate which looked more expensive than its counterparts across the street. This street food market is aimed at tourists and there is an additional charge so expect higher prices.

Rolled into bite-sized pieces, they are excellent to eat with beer. We paid 50,000 VND for these 5 or 6 pieces.

You’ll notice that we don’t order a lot of dishes here. We enjoyed the place, but we had a travel schedule of popular street food restaurants, so we could not afford to eat much. As mentioned above, I am not sure how accurate the offers on such sites are. Nothing beats the decades-old street food vendors, just like the traditional hawker stalls in Singapore or Penang. I’m writing a Vietnam food guide so we can find the best and most authentic places. The food market on Ben Thanh Street is good, but it is geared towards tourists.

If so, unless you’re Vietnamese and eat this food every day, you probably don’t know the difference between authentic and touristy examples of Vietnamese food. Or they don’t think that much. Compared to the typical street food restaurants, Ben Thanh Street Food Market is fun and casual. You can easily spend a few hours there drinking beer and socializing. You wouldn’t think of sitting on the little plastic chairs next to the sidewalk.

Street Food Culture & Food Districts In Saigon

Ben Thanh Street Food Market is located next to Ben Thanh Market. Click here to see exactly where it is on the map.

You’re right, the small stage played host to a variety of bands and live music while we were there. We’ve eaten here a few times, but in the end we stick to the street food around the market. They close the market every day and set up stalls in the surrounding streets. The fish was good (stay away from the tilapia) but the prawns were fabulous, peeled by the table staff. All of the food in Vietnam was good, but this was probably our favorite.

There is also a similar place in Hanoi called Quan An Ngon. There are many stalls and menus, order food and it will be delivered to you. A great way to taste local street food and learn the names of dishes before buying them from a roadside stall. I didn’t know this place existed and I’ll be back next time I’m in Saigon! Thank You!

Oh no! We spent a few days in Hanoi, but we didn’t know much about the place. Something for our next trip. Thanks for stopping by Brady & Shelley! ,

A Guide To Ho Chi Minh City

After seeing all the photos of Food Street, Vietnam. I would like to plan Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I don’t feel ashamed when I eat delicious food in a restaurant or street market. He likes to enjoy the little things. A food court at Cambodia Market in District 10 of Ho Chi Minh City is filled with visitors on May 7, 2022. Photo: Nhat Xuan/Tuoi Tre.

Ho Chi Minh City’s main markets are bustling and full of visitors again, a positive sign of recovery after the severe COVID-19 outbreak.

The Observer wrote that the 300-meter-long food section in the 10th district of Cambodia Market was packed with people on Saturday evening.

With plenty of restaurants offering a variety of street food at affordable prices, this place is a popular weekend hangout for young residents and a must-see destination for tourists.

Why You Should Go To Ho Chi Minh City (and What To Do There)

Nguyen Thi Thanh, 60, said she had come to the market to try an exotic Vietnamese dish.

On his first trip to Vietnam two and a half years later, Tah spent millions of dong (1 million VND = 43 USD) on dried seafood to bring to America for his friends and family.

Tah Mai, who ran a restaurant in the market for decades, saw a gradual increase in the number of visitors after the outbreak subsided.

Mai said she and her family decided to work ‘extra shifts’ during the weekend to accommodate the large number of guests.

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At Ben Thanh Market in District 1, several stalls have reopened after a prolonged closure due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

A crowded restaurant at a Cambodian market in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City on May 7, 2022. Photo:

Thuy, a local soup seller, said her sales have increased over the past two weeks, adding that she was able to serve more local customers and Vietnamese people from overseas during the recent holidays.

Minh Heap, deputy head of administration, said the number of visitors to Ben Thanh Market has increased significantly over the past two weeks. The market is visited by 3,000 people daily during the holiday weekend of Inclusion Day (30 April) and International Workers’ Day (1 May).

The Lunch Lady

Hipp said more than 700 booths, about 60 percent of the market’s booths, have reopened.

Foreign buyers buy products at Ben Thanh Market in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, on May 7, 2022. Photo:

Instead of operating only during the day, many retailers have recently decided to open online stores to serve tourists until 10 pm and increase sales.

He said that the number of visitors is expected to increase in the coming months of June and July.

Top 5 Things To Do In Ho Chi Minh City (saigon)

Other markets of go wap in Binh Thanh district, Ba Chiuen, Han Tong Thai

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