Gordon Ramsay Food Market Reviews

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Fans: Gordon Ramsay Burger, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s first Chicago restaurant, has officially opened in River North. Located on the corner of State and Ontario, the 5,000-square-foot restaurant, equipped with bench-style booths and seating for 120 people and an island bar, offers a menu of burgers, hot dogs, fries and more. Another casual meal made by a chef turned TV star.

Gordon Ramsay Food Market Reviews

The Chicago outpost is Ramsey’s second Gordon Ramsay Burger location in the US (the first was in Las Vegas). In a statement, Ramsey, perhaps best known for his charming TV personality, though he also has a few Michelin stars to his credit, expressed his excitement about the Chicago opening.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

“As a huge fan of Chicago and its food scene, it’s an honor to now have a restaurant in this beautiful city,” he said. “We look forward to serving Chicagoans our signature burger and some delicious variations.”

As the name suggests, the Gordon Ramsay Burger menu focuses on a menu of eight signature butter-dipped burgers, including the Hell’s Kitchen Burger ($17) topped with asadero cheese, grilled jalapeño, avocado, grilled tomato and house-made jalapeño isli. . Among the range is a veggie ($19), although any other burger option can be swapped out for a plant-based burger for an extra $6.

Diners can choose between fries and salad, as well as hot dogs like the Standard Dog ($13) or the Chipotle Dog ($14), both of which come with ketchup (time will tell if that’s controversial in Chicago). On the drinks side, the restaurant offers cocktails, beer and wine, as well as several smoothie options.

Hungry yet? Gordon Ramsay Burger (2 E Ontario St.) is open for lunch and dinner service Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The restaurant currently does not accept reservations, although management plans to offer them “soon” through the restaurant’s website. Check out some of Ramsay’s burger-centric offerings below.

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Sign up for our newsletter to get the best stuff out there, at no cost. Today is Sunday, a good day for hamburgers, right? Craving something good, it’s time to visit Gordon Ramsay Street Burger, a new chain created by the chef himself.

When he got there, no one greeted him. Finally the waiter arrived and directed us to the table. When we sat down they were ready to take our order. How about a few minutes to look at the menu first? A quick decision was made: “Two Oreo shakes, please.”

No sign of shaking, called the waiter to ask where they were and ordered two burgers. The O.G.R burger and the Butternut Bhaji burger should be a hit.

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Two empty glasses on the table, waiting to be filled with tap water. No running water. Not shaken yet.

A waiter approached the table on the left and finally said, O.G.R burger and nutmeg bhaji burger? The crowd looked confused and I called the waiter’s attention, “That’s for us.” Hamburgers are placed on the table. “Sorry we’re still waiting on the shake” said the waiter who said he’d get it soon.

The burger is almost gone, still no water, still no shake. Raised his hand, “Sorry, where is the tremor, we are still waiting. Also, can we get some water?” The wait continues.

The waiter finally returned with some tap water. “Where’s the shake?” “Oh, sorry I have an iPad and it goes into the order but it’s not working so your shake isn’t ready, I’m going to go get it now.”

Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill, Kl

10 minutes later still no shaking. leaning in to get the attention of a passing waiter; “Sorry, we ordered two shakes 35 minutes ago, can you get them?” The waiter just nodded and walked away.

Burgers have been around for a long time, and guess what? Two Oreo shakes. Or, more accurately, whipped cream with crushed Oreos on top. Not ice cream, not cold, nothing. Seriously, Gordon Ramsay?

The table on the left asked where their drinks were. Their food arrived, and one said to the other, “These chips are too cold.” A group of four came and sat at the table on the right. They wait for someone to take their order, but after seeing their status or table, they decide to leave. At least clean before you put people in there.

The first had a burger and fries. The waiter came and removed the plate and took the plate of another person who was still eating. Only half ate the fries, still clearly eating, took the plate. “Excuse me, this person is still eating, can you return the food?” They returned the plate.

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After a sub-par burger and a shake that shouldn’t be called that, it’s time to pay the bill. It didn’t come, so we asked for it.

A few minutes later the bill arrived and he placed it on the table. “It’s not our bill, we didn’t ask for it” and the waiter (once again this time) was confused. He was more interested in showing a photo taken in 2007 with a famous singer. In fact, he showed the same picture to a group of four who had left about ten minutes earlier.

The waiter returned about five minutes later with the correct bill. Well, not entirely true, because there’s something wrong about it. £4 for mixed nuts? “That’s not our bill, we didn’t ask for it or accept it.”

The next table tried to order their food. They yelled at the waiter because the music was too loud. The waiter explained that the speakers were over their heads and there was nothing he could do about it. The music is pretty loud throughout the Gordon Ramsay Street Burger restaurant.

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Pay the bill, wait, £48 for two burgers and two milkshakes. This place is not ‘street food’ but a sit down restaurant with Gordon using marketing hype to match modern trends.

The burger was not that good. You can get a great burger at any of the food stalls in Camden Market. Rudy’s Dirty Vegan, V Burger or Baba G’s Burger if you want that Indian taste. Not what you’d expect from Ramsey Burger, surprisingly. Honestly not worth the money.

It is a very rare occasion when someone thinks: “Thank God, the meal is done, so let’s get out of here.” Bad food, bad service, dirty environment, loud music, ipad ordering system not working, no tap water brought, chaos.

Imagine if this was an episode of Hell’s Kitchen? If this is the standard of food and service that Gordon Ramsay offers his customers, forget it. It should be revealed.

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food

After all, getting up to leave the restaurant and getting to the front door, a woman walked to the front door and stamped her foot on the floor. Only there. It’s like getting a ticket from Ramsay himself saying, “You paid £48 for this, make sure you never come back.”

Warning to anyone thinking of trying the Gordon Ramsay Street burger. don’t do it For the sake of life, please don’t even think about leaving. This is a shame for the food and restaurant industry. You can get great food and service at your local independent pub or restaurant, this is an absolute disaster. Two intersecting lines form an ‘X’. Shows how to end communications or reject notifications.

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I ate at Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant and waited 2 hours for a disappointing $150 meal.

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The celebrity chef has hosted several TV shows and run restaurants around the world (some with Michelin stars), so when I went to try Ramsay’s cooking, I had high hopes.

You might be able to find an opening at lunchtime – my own booking was for 2pm. It was Wednesday, a month ago, but now dinner seems to have been completed for three or four months.

When I visited the restaurant in mid-February, I heard the man at the front

Gordon Ramsay Street Burger Edinburgh: Opening Date Is Announced For New Restaurant In St James Quarter

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