Digital Marketing For Music Artists

Digital Marketing For Music Artists

Digital Marketing For Music Artists – These musician marketing plan posts are the most popular shows on this site. They will be fully updated by 2022.

Do you have any plans for your next music release? It can be a single, music video, EP or album. In our most popular series, The Complete Tune-Ups, The Musician’s Guide to Marketing Plans, we highlight the overlooked importance of having a marketing plan and review the top five of fifteen points to keep in mind when creating one. Long term strategy. .

Digital Marketing For Music Artists

Here in Part 2, we outline the next five elements for your music release so you don’t miss a single opportunity.

Music Artists & Producers

If you haven’t had a chance to read Chapter 1 – Nuts and Bolts, I suggest you read it before reading this one. The series is the product of years of work with record labels and insightful executives. We’ve noticed that top artists and bands who get results are different than those who falter when releasing music.

See the VENN diagram in Part 2 above that visualizes your musician marketing plan. For each episode, we’ve highlighted the sections we’re going to cover in red so you can see how all these parts work together in your music stream.

In the past, record companies focused more on artist development. They have entire departments dedicated to planning and growth. In today’s environment, artists are expected to have fan base, numbers and revenue before approaching a company. Even if you don’t sign a to-do list, these tips will help keep your career on track for years to come.

A music marketing plan consists of 15 elements. These five items are very special even before the release. We break it down for you in our Music Marketing Plan Checklist that accompanies this series, with all 89 items to check off.

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6. Timeline 7. Release Date 8. Promotion and Marketing 9. Live / Streaming 10. Real Life Network

Planning is everything because once it’s released you can’t put the genie back in the bottle! If you have trouble managing your time, this can help.

You probably already know this, but just in case, you need to contract with both the Performance Rights Organization (PRO for short) and SoundExchange to collect royalties. There are four options for PRO in the US: ASCAP, SESAC, GMR and BMI.

Both BMI and ASCAP provide portals for live royalties that charge fees for live performances. Once your songs are saved in the PRO database, you log in and enter the dates, where they will be played and which songs. PRO companies pay quarterly, so register as soon as their shows are over or you could miss the deadline!

The Future Of Music: Integral Studio Partners With Sony For A Data Driven Approach To Artist Marketing

Also, you must register with SoundExchange, which focuses on royalties (mechanical rights) for your recording, while your performing rights company focuses on royalties (performance rights) for your song.

Writing, recording, mixing, mastering, and being in the studio can be really exciting for your fans. Taking them on a behind-the-scenes journey of this music release is a great way to bond more firmly with your existing and growing base.

Post recording, mixing and mastering updates using video and photos via your social networks and capture longer tracks for Instagram stories and the newsletter.

Engage your followers on milestones like artwork and song titles by voting for your fans and running contests to choose a cover or title of your choice. Get your fans to look at photos and graphics and get them involved in the process. The purpose of all these events is to get people interested and excited to share your news.

Digital Marketing For Artists In A Pandemic

Getting PR is a big part of releasing music. You can accomplish this by hiring a team or by doing it yourself. When hiring a PR team, make sure you do your homework and that your music is in line with that company’s policy and philosophy. Make sure the team talks you through a well-thought-out plan for their campaign.

A PR firm should work with you to make sure you are fully prepared before meeting the press. This is the first part of their business when you bring in a company.

Sign in to your artist account and you’ll see prompts. When submitting, be very careful to provide a detailed song description with all the information about the song so that editors can easily guide your music to the best position. Here’s a full post with 2 sample plays and tips on how a song stands out in Spotify’s editorial playlists.

If you don’t know all the steps to create a playlist, follow this step-by-step guide. Start creating and sharing playlists. You need to create productions as it influences the current track being produced and future singles. Use interesting headlines and topics to grab people’s attention while searching for help

The Market Leaders Of Spotify Promotion

However, this is easier said than done! Finding curators is not easy, but with a little dedication it is possible. Google and all social networks are great places to start. Reddit has an active Spotify playlists page. SubmitHub also has a few that you can access for a small fee.

Make sure you have at least 3-4 great images and variety is key. Most music blogs have square or horizontal photos. Consider your brand when photographing and consider variation to keep your images fresh over time.

Your image is complete and should look brand and awesome! Have your designer animate it for REELS and TikTok and tile it for Instagram and resize it for all your social posts (use Canva It Rock)

You must run the campaign to pre-register this Spotify track! There are 3 great services to choose from. Feature.FM has event pages to help you grow your audience. From the site: Action pages are highly engaging pages that reward fans for taking desired actions on desired platforms and give you in-depth information about your audience. Toneden also facilitates social media follow/like and/or email addresses for free downloads. You can optimize and customize Facebook ads through Toneden. is owned by CD Baby and is also integrated for your use.

Ways To Promote Your Music Online

If you’re recording new music, you may find yourself distracted from the constant buzz of growing your social networks and email list. It takes a lot of weight and your whole group or team should help.

If you’re not in the loop, find and befriend friends and people you admire (bloggers, other artists, venues, local places you like to hang out, etc.) on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook!

This will increase your audience because most of the people you follow will follow you back. Also, start contacting people in your inbox and outbox and add them to your list (remember it’s illegal to protect people, so be honest and ask everyone). You can make money on your newsletter, so don’t skip this step.

Your content calendar will list all assets required for release and the dates for each required asset/action. Countdowns, art shows, listen to live party announcements, ticket links and calls to action (like Spotify pre-registrations) to add to your content calendar.

The Music Marketing Plan For Artists And Companies

Use my SMM Tracker to manage all your posts and VIPs. This will help you keep track of all the content you post. You will see that there is a tab for each platform. If there is more than one person in a team or group, assign a platform to one person. Here you’ll also see a VIP tab where you can add industry people you want to connect with in real life (more on this below).

If you’re running this stream with one (or both), let them know you’ll be releasing singles before the EP (if that happens). By then you should only have one masterpiece! Tunecore, CD Baby and other aggregators offer 4-5 weeks to ship your music to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music and other digital service providers (DSPs).

Or if you haven’t been in a while, review your personal Facebook page and ask all your friends to like your page. I know this may sound crazy at a time when Facebook was so hot.

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