Deshi Bazar International Halal Market

Deshi Bazar International Halal Market – Between Edison and Iselin (an unincorporated community in Woodbridge) is about three-quarters of a mile of Oak Tree Road, along which there are at least six Indian and South Asian grocery stores. We’ll start at the westernmost point here, but later return to Oakwood west of South Plainfield. Going into this post, I have to say that I have a few unknowns about this store. The 13,000-square-foot store appears to have opened in 2005 as Apna Bazar Cash & Carry before reopening in June 2019 after renovations and rebranding as Apna Bazar Farmer Market, but this name change is nowhere to be seen either on the premises or outside of it. inside (or at least it wasn’t when I visited a year later; we see a storefront with only one faded sign, where there used to be a huge sign that stretched across the entire storefront). There are many Apna Bazar stores across the country as well as in India, but it’s hard for me to be specific because Apna Bazar simply means “our market” and is therefore a general name for Indian grocery stores in India. USA.

After some research, there were some surprises inside. We enter the large aisle to the left of the grocery, refrigeration, and home improvement store. Amazingly, almost everything we see here was newly installed in 2019, including fixtures, flooring, ceilings, and lighting. So they’re a lot newer than I thought because they don’t really stand out. From what I understand from the photos posted, the ready-to-eat counter in the back corner occupies the former frozen section, and the produce section has been slightly expanded.

Deshi Bazar International Halal Market

The advanced controls here aren’t as impressive. Two of the six cash registers reach the back wall of the store and open, customers circle the side wall and three managers stand at the entrance…

Update: Food Depot Supermarkets

A note on what to expect here and in the next five stores. Indian supermarkets in New Jersey are usually not part of the usual co-ops (Crasdale’s, Key Food, etc.) favored by Latin American and Caribbean grocers, or any co-ops. This means that (1) they have little, if any, selection of American staples, and (2) they don’t use brand names and don’t trade.

On the back wall we find frozen food recently installed after the 2019 renovation. It is hard to tell if the food shelf has been replaced.

It was a little hard for me to make out what was inside, especially since I’m not familiar with Indian cuisine, but it looked like there were things for sale on the front wall of the store to the right of the cash register. We can see the beginning of the expansion forming an L shape at the far end of the shop.

Although the selection is mostly imported, staples like ketchup are absent.

Voice Of Asia E Paper June 29, 2018 By Voiceof Asia

Moving on to the extension, where the food aisles run parallel to the front wall of the store (perpendicular to the other food aisles), we find non-food items, cookware, and bulk items, especially rice. Lots of rice.

By the way, in the summer of 2020, I cooked a lot for myself at home and tried new recipes with rice. While I’m no chef, I can tell you that lightly toasting whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, and cumin seeds in an oiled pot before adding the rice and water is delicious (and then, of course, removing them at the end). Anyway, we’re done with this Apna Bazar, but tomorrow we’re moving on to the next Indian supermarket in the former A&P store across the street! A shopper chooses produce at the Indo-Asian market at the Royal Bazaar in Norfolk, Monday, February 4, 2019. (Brianna Adhikusuma)

After most of the Farm Fresh stores closed, Hampton Roads is full of new grocers selling international foods. This growth is due to the rapid growth of the international population and veterans who have served abroad.

A new surge of international supermarkets is adding to the robust production of small markets that sell much more than meat and sweet potatoes. Looking for a place to buy Puerto Rican coffee and yerba mate? Shrimp flavored crackers? A new type of sriracha? Here’s a complete guide to every market your taste buds desire.

Desi Bazar Desi Kitchen

Jacob Chow, visiting the grocery store that opened on December 28, said it was his family’s dream. Chou, a Korean, lived in China for 20 years and was engaged in import-export and wholesale trade. , import of frozen vegetables for private brands. Vigo’s plan is similar to the former Farm Fresh – with meat and poultry labels, the offerings are international, including at least seven varieties of bananas. Chow says he hopes to one day serve military personnel stationed in Asian countries, a hope originally expressed by a man who once bought a giant jar of kimchi in Korea.

Shopping list: Tamale shells, kimchi, moonfish, ube and red bean ice cream, shrimp crackers, spicy shredded squid, sugar cane, mossy pumpkin.

Grand Mart: 649 Newtown Road, Virginia Beach. Farm Fresh: 4000 Victory Blvd., Portsmouth; 799 Chimney Hill Pkwy., Virginia Beach; 353 Chatham Drive, Newport News.

Grand Mart International has a welcoming cafe in the back of the store that offers ramen and fresh containers of dumplings and kimchi. But the supermarket’s size, vast floor space, and crammed with things you’ve never seen before, including newly unlabeled bright yellow fruit the size of a Nerf football, make it overwhelming for newbies. But its owner, Chris Lee, has also acquired three Farm Fresh locations that cater more to those new to foreign cuisine. Keeping the name “Farm Fresh” (but adding “International Cuisine” to the bottom of at least one sign in Virginia Beach’s Chimney Hill neighborhood), the fried chicken recipe and many traditional American staples have also been carried over by Reece Lee. Lots of new products including giant jackfruit, fried seaweed, washing powder and imported home goods.

Deshi Bazar & International Halal Market

There is a warning on the front of E-Mart for all customers: “DO NOT SIT ON THE RICE”. While the variety of 10-kilogram bags of rice is dizzying, from extreme basmati to Japanese sushi, it shouldn’t drive you crazy. The store follows a similar direction. The produce selection includes Asian and Anjou pears, rare persimmons and a wild assortment of root vegetables and vegetables. The aisles are largely divided by nationality—Filipino, Korean, Spanish, Japanese—with an emphasis on the soup base and plenty of sauces and condiments. Expect a new location this year in the former Farm Fresh at 4872 Princess Anne Road in Virginia Beach.

Shopping list: special soy sauces (bonito, seaweed, mild kikoman), homemade kimchi, whole fresh fish, soup base, Hello Kitty candy, sake.

At Farmers International, the produce department is as expansive and exotic as you’d expect from a place with that name—sometimes it feels a little tired. You can eat pears and melons in Korean. Yams may originate from Ghana. Whether it’s Asian mayo, Mexican hot sauce, Japanese Hi-Chew candies, or multi-national packets of instant noodles, there are so many that it’s hard to choose just one. But what dominates the store, and is perhaps a bit of a distraction, is the impressive back seafood section. Fresh fish swim in icicles, and a school of even fresher tilapia swims in the water.

Shopping list: whole fish, live lobsters, fruits you never knew existed, Vietnamese and Thai, Korean and Japanese instant noodles, all kinds of spices.

Halal Hegemony: How The Issue Is Not Just About Food Choices, But Ban Is Not The Answer

The elegant east is like a Tardis: bigger on the inside. Although the store is small, the decade-old Vietnamese store has many products. Packed but tidy shelves display a selection of Vietnamese fish sauce that puts many big markets to shame, many varieties of “pork string” – Taiwanese get bacon bits – Filipino junk like purple yam “Cupp Cakes”, a packet of soup per person . An Asian setting and a surprisingly well-stocked produce department. Don’t sleep on fresh turon like this Filipino delicacy: big, sweet, deep-fried lumpia with banana and jackfruit.

Owner Yang Chen’s bustling market, which offers mostly Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, has been open for nearly 30 years. Expect rice, many dishes, sauces, noodles, frozen dumplings, various foods, household goods and even some lanterns and bamboo plants. Many seafood can be found on the ice, including fish, squid, eel, shrimp, large clams and jellyfish. You can also get boiled pig blood with the product. But if you’re not into adventure, there’s that too

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