Consumer Behavior Building Marketing Strategy 12th Edition

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Consumer Behavior Building Marketing Strategy 12th Edition

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Customer behavior as a response to social media marketing: The role of social media marketing and customer experience

And Ardi Wibowo 1, Shih-Chih Chen 1, Uraiporn Wiangin 2, Yin Ma 3,* and Athapol Rungkanjanase 4,*

Consumer Behavior Building Marketing Strategy 12th Edition Hawkins Test Bank By Utzz

Received: 24 November 2020 / Modified: 15 December 2020 / Accepted: 20 December 2020 / Published: 28 December 2020

Social media plays an important role in marketing strategy. In the context of social media, social networking sites (SNS) can be used by companies to communicate and develop positive relationships with their customers. Therefore, companies using SNS must choose appropriate marketing strategies to foster strong customer relationships, preventing their behavior from generating lasting results for the companies. This study examined social media marketing activities (SMMA) and customer experience (CX) to measure customer relationship quality, which can influence customer behavior, such as purchase, loyalty intent, and engagement intent. 413 online questionnaires were measured and analyzed using SmartPLS 3. The results suggest that SMMA and CX have a significant impact on customer relationship quality, which in turn has a positive effect on customer behavioral outcomes. This study guides companies that SNS products must adhere to the norms of SMMA and CX in order to achieve marketing goals and create sustainable exposure for companies.

Social media is widely used by companies as a marketing tool. As part of social media, social networking sites (SNS) allow users to interact with each other. SNS can become a form of communication between companies and consumers. SNS’s ability to reach a large number of users, its low cost [1] , and the fact that it has become a part of ordinary people’s lives make it useful for companies that focus on marketing, customer development, and content creation. Does Brand community [2]. However, a survey conducted by the Indonesian Ministry of Information and Science in 2019 [3] showed that most people use social media to sell products or services, but when they want to buy, they use the marketplace. like to do This suggests that even though marketing websites have advanced features, social media can encourage people to make purchases through social media by providing content for marketing activities. Therefore, to get the most out of social media marketing, companies must understand the importance of the content or nature of the message they want to deliver and the impact it has on the customer experience the company can operate in the market. understand the win objective

Social media marketing (SMMA) and customer experience (CX) activities can be integrated into marketing on SNS. These two areas are related because logically, all marketing activities of the company in the SNS and/or the visual experience for the customer will influence the customer’s response and contribute to their analysis before the purchase stage. Together, these two factors can create customer relationships that contribute to the achievement of marketing goals. Several research studies have been done over the years to look at how SMMA is being adopted in different sectors and environments, including CX. However, none of them discuss it together in the field of research. SMMA research has been conducted on social media users [2] , luxury fashion [4] , the airline industry [5] and the e-commerce industry [6]. Meanwhile, research on CX has been conducted in many areas, such as blog environments [7, 8] , travel agencies [9] , and social media marketing [10]. Thus, to overcome the shortcomings of previous studies, this study proposes a framework that integrates SMMA and CX.

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A company or an individual that wants to use social media as a marketing channel can provide marketing services, techniques, strategies, and graphics that integrate and combine the characteristics of the community [11]. Advertising products in SNS should not only be business-oriented, but also should be social-based or visual interaction [12] between users, leading to deeper communication and better relationship between them [13]. Creating advertising content on SNS is a challenge for companies because they need to be able to adjust advertising content based on customer preferences or community preferences. Therefore, companies must choose the right marketing strategy to foster strong relationships, leading to customer behavior that provides sustainable performance for the company.

This research set out to investigate the impact of SMMA and CX on customer engagement, as reflected by relationship quality, and to investigate its impact on customer loyalty.

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