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Cbt News Automotive Digital Marketing – This week’s episode of Used Cars Weekly features Jasen Rice, an original CBT News show dedicated to providing car dealers with used car dealership best practices and advice, in-depth business interviews, practical dealer strategies and dealer analysis. , talks with Lotpop founder Danny Zaslavsky and CEO of County Hill Motors about buying private parties.

Hi Jason Rice from Lotpop. Thanks for checking out this week’s Used Car Week. I’m excited about this episode. I have Danny Zaslavsky at Country Hill Motors. It’s a unique approach where we have someone who handles the day-to-day operations of the business and also has an inventory tool. Danny, welcome to the show.

Cbt News Automotive Digital Marketing

Hey, I want you to tell me about your roles again. At Country Hill Motors, an independent dealer in Kansas City, as well. Danny, if you don’t mind.

Cbt Automotive Newscast: August 30, 2021

At Country Hill Motors, I am the General Manager, Dealership Director. We sell a total of about 300 cars per month, we do retail and wholesale trade. And we have always adopted this philosophy because wholesale is in our blood, it is how we started our business and we will continue to do so. Our approach to wholesale means not just through auctions, but through our dealer networks, the relationships we’ve built over the years.

But what really matters to us is the community. One of the ways to serve society is not only to sell cars, but also to buy cars. So today I’m excited to share it.

Most of the time, when you think about buying custom parts, it’s a salesperson or someone at a dealership lurking around, trying to get a car on the phone. But really, as you say, it’s about solving problems. People have this wealth, no matter how they found it. A parent who has passed, a child who has moved and no longer needs transportation, what do you have? And you try to solve this problem. You do the same at the dealership, right?

Yes.. When you call or walk into our store, the first thing we ask is, “Are you here to buy or sell a car? Are you calling to buy or sell a car?” And that’s why it’s part of our culture. And then the purchasing agent is notified, we have what’s called a vehicle purchasing center. And we start with man. And we knew there would be a lot of nuances to work on along the way. But from the beginning we know how to buy a car. If someone wants to come and sell it to us, we know the steps to follow. What we need to learn is how to measure it. How to scale that internally with processes and people, and then use or create technology so that we have more capabilities.

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Let’s go for a spin. I think you have created a custom acquirer where you get the same tools as the end user. What are the steps to build this mall? And you went from one to four, how long did that take? And again, is it something that can be accelerated faster with the right tools and vice versa?

Of course. These little learnings we had along the way, one of which was all the ways we could buy from the crowd. One thing we learned was that people came to us. So if we advertise that we have bought a car, people will come to us and we call it insiders. And we begin to understand what they will be like. We were and will be the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Deal Mall and they spin differently. They will be lower because they are one scale higher. The lead comes from a third party, so the customer basically has an extra layer to go through, but it’s the other way around. So a third party is coming in. Then we studied outside. The exit is where you see them on Craigslist, Auto Trade, or Facebook, anywhere on the list that you can exit to make that presentation. And hopefully that connection and set the date and hopefully the purchase. We say so. But then there are other avenues such as a serviced unit, a rental conversion or a private to commercial conversion. So once we define all of these, what I call aisles or channels, being able to manage all of these in a procurement management system is really where scalability becomes a reality.

Because then, like CRM, you can see all the opportunities, you can measure the conversions from the meaningful connection to the appointment. So who was the appraiser and how much did they put on the car? And did they really buy? And how fast would it spin after that? And along the way you learn, “So what would I do differently next time?”

And do you understand how many opportunities one person can really use? How many cars can they buy in a month? It doesn’t look like a salesperson. Sellers can only sell so many cars, there is only so much time in a day.

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If a trader, now I say well, because a trader would show up and try a lot of times, and sometimes you don’t have to go all out, but you almost have to … Ya’ ni, you were dealing with one person in the beginning, now you have four or five. If you were to follow one of those routes, which would you say is the most effective for maintaining speed or gaining snow?

This is the first thing we learn. We are able to buy cars from the crowd that we normally wouldn’t be able to get at auction. We get really good cars because we buy cars. So the first thing one should do is make it part of their message. Look at all the areas you’re already advertising, all the places you already have a voice, whether it’s email marketing, social media. If you’re still doing TV, radio, digital marketing, whatever. And add a call to purchase and then give that consumer a place to enter their information, get a quote, and start processing that quote.

This is the fastest way to get water, we call it inbound, because eventually those customers will be knocking on your door. They are ready to do business with you. And the nice thing about it is that you write them a check, so the whole experience… I’ve never, and we’ve bought thousands of cars, I’ve never had a five-star review when I bought somebody. car because they are always happy. This is great in the world of car sales.

And one of the things that struck me, and one of the benefits of entrepreneurs going through these phases of COVID, is that they had to. I think the dealerships have seen the success of what CarMax has done, the success of what Carvana has done, and they’re going to… And again, they’re going to go for it or kick the can down the sidewalk, down the street, they just know it. they must enter it, but they never left. Above.

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And now concessions are being forced. Actually, I know a merchant in a smaller town. Moved all your ad dollars, moved all your ad dollars to buy dictionary, nothing about car sales. And now you could buy 30 cars off the street at once because consumers didn’t know about it. I even talked to one of the TrueCar reps and he talked about how his neighbor was trying to get rid of the car. And he said, “Well, why don’t you take it to the dealer?” I was surprised, I didn’t know, “Can I sell the car to a dealer?”.

“I thought I should buy a car.” So you think the first way is to educate consumers that it’s possible, right?

Yes, of course. A consumer refuses to do business with a merchant for only one reason. This is because the consumer thinks, “This dealer is not giving me enough money.” And the most important thing is that it is no longer a real thing.

I have a CarMax literally across the street from where my dealership is, and then five miles down the road they built a Carvana. And then I have Hendrick’s stores and Group 1 stores around me, so I have about 20 car dealerships around me. I never had to worry about another car dealer entering my market. I have always managed to maintain and increase the number of cars we sell.

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And I think the same way about buying. We

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