Asian Food Market Albany Ny

Asian Food Market Albany Ny – Yuoko Yamamoto of Gomen Ramen in Kingston teaches us how to get the best duck and duck in town.

Over two chilly December weekends, we joined Youko Yamamoto, former owner of New Paltz’s popular Gomen Kudasai and Kingston’s up-and-coming Gomen Ramen, to shop at two of the largest markets in the River Valley. Asia.

Asian Food Market Albany Ny

We started at the Asian supermarket, which is one of the few major Asian food stores in the metro area. Yamamoto and her husband (sculptor Kazuma Yamamoto) scrambled out of the rain in their long coats and hats, past the sweaty Peking ducks at the front window of the production area. After fast navigation, they fell into communication-enhanced navigation systems as they propagated between different locations. In the aisles of the pantry, there is a bewitching mix of dried mushrooms; tea flowers side by side, their pastel bulbs like the lines of a sentimental painting; and noodles – lots of noodles. The meat boxes have a careful division from nose to tail of known and unknown animals, such as black chickens, next to the purple-skinned “Silkie”, and the seafood section is alive with color buckets sage buzzing frogs, hives swimming bunnies. , and the usual selection of whole fish with your eyes open on ice.

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Yamamoto meets regularly in the produce department to check on their results — first a bag of frozen gyoza dumplings, which they check for GMS (natural and organic ingredients are the couple’s priority) — before heading off again. According to Yamamoto, the product department is uniform. Welcome Eastern Grocer in Poughkeepsie is close to good, but the product selection can’t hit the mass market. Purple sweet potatoes, Chinese chives, green beans, giant daikon radish, bamboo shoots, and burdock, lotus, and taro roots are all in abundance here.

If you can handle the hustle and bustle, the H-Mart at the southern end of the valley – in Hartsdale, Westchester County – offers more. This is where Yamamoto takes us next. Starting with the produce section, Yamamoto demonstrates the correct texture of persimmons (as with avocado a day or two before peak ripening), then takes us to the table where they can be enjoyed with an Asian pear.

Later, the ready-to-eat section: grilled ribs and Korean barbecue pork chops and coolers filled with a variety of kimchee, pickled chilies, salted mackerel, soybean sesame sheets, spicy tofu and more. Sales.

Slices of marbled wagyu and rib eye, slices of duck breast and more, neatly placed in meat coolers lead from the back of the store to the seafood section. Here, piles of whole mackerels and shiny sardines alongside heaps of prawns. Yamamoto heads for sardines until he gets distracted by mackerel. He takes a quick look and orders four or five. His rule of thumb seems to be: Buy what’s exciting, healthy, and natural, then figure out what to do with it. As a result, H-Mart’s shopping cart is full.

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“His rule of thumb seems to be: buy what’s exciting, healthy, and natural, then figure out what to do with it.”

When he is satisfied, we lie down in the dining room before returning home. It is divided into Japanese, Chinese, and Korean restaurants, each offering around 30 restaurant-style home-style dishes. Yukaejang, a Korean beef noodle soup, is all the rage right now.

Yamamoto says big markets are hard to find in the Mid-Hudson Valley, so they usually have to drive an hour north or south to get their groceries. The DA Tang Market in Middletown is something unique.

According to the most recent census data available, Albany and Westchester counties have the largest Asian populations in the region, each at 7%. That’s enough to support big markets and small specialty markets like Kim’s Convenience in Troy: an Asia bodega, Kim’s actions on a mission to make Asian cuisine more accessible and empowering with its parent company, Sunhee’s Farm and Kitchen , also in Troy. immigrants and refugees. Frontier, just down the street from H-Mart in Hartsdale, has quick options for Japanese ingredients.

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And we can confirm that the sheer diversity in both directions makes – at least – a monthly trip for these taste purveyors worth the time and gas. Chris Mauricio left and his wife Eva Tringali opened Harana Market in Woodstock in 2021, leaves. of a new wave of Asian restaurants and cuisines in the region that caters to the growing demand for Japanese, Chinese, South Asian and Filipino cuisine. Casey Kelbaugh

When Michelle Chiu and her husband moved to Accord in 2016, they tried every part of Asia, even near their new home. “Everywhere I go I have a Google at the Asian supermarket,” he says.

Chiu is Korean and her husband is Taiwanese and Japanese. They love to eat and cook, and eventually discover local places. While a few are long-standing regional businesses (Da Tang Market in Middletown, Near East Grocery in Poughkeepsie, and Sushi Makio in Kingston), others have opened more recently.

Today, diners looking for a fusion of Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Asian cuisine are in luck. There’s a growing new generation of Asian businesses – restaurants, markets, pop-ups and even a TV food show – joining the region’s long-time staples.

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While researching Asian offerings in the Hudson Valley, Chiu felt that Korean options were lacking. So he launched an Asian comfort food pop-up called Eat Two Five last December at The Last Bite in High Falls. It’s not just Korean; Chiu prepares dishes such as Japanese curry and handmade pork mandoo and “kimchee noodles”.

The pop-up really caught her eye – she sold out her first two events. “We were down to the last pitch all night,” he says, noting, “People crave new and exciting things.”

“The Chin Twins” is a new show from Design Network featuring Cristen Barker and Kimberly Hise, twin kitchen and design geeks who regularly cook family recipes together. “In the past, it was such a wrinkle; we went to town to get ingredients,” Barker says on the left. He now runs a shop in Harana. Nigel Barker

Chris Mauricio, owner of Harana Market, an Asian market and Filipino deli in Woodstock, received similar positive feedback and celebrates the growing variety of food offerings in the area.

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“Asians live, work and play in the Hudson Valley. Despite this, Eurocentric tastes have always been concentrated, which is why we see so many restaurants with similar menus.

(home style) Filipino cuisine. “Fried Chicken Friday has become very popular. Other top-selling food items include tofu sisig, lumpia and our silo dish,” says Mauricio. The menu changes weekly and is served every Wednesday.

Harana stars in the first episode of “The Chin Twins,” a new show on The Design Network featuring look-alike model/yogi-mom-foodie Cristen Barker and Kimberly Hise. In the first episode, which began in February, the twins made their Chinese grandmother’s dumplings at Barker’s house in Woodstock.

“In the past, it was such a ride; we went to town to get ingredients,” says Barker. He now runs a store in Harana, which he passes easily every day while driving his children to school.

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“It’s such a luxury that we not only have an Asian market, but diversity. To be able to get this kind of product! The owners are amazing,” says Barker. She and her sister need wraps, special sauces and water chestnuts for the ravioli. “These are hard to find. Every store has this little Asian [department] – it’s normal and American. It’s mycelial skin, but it’s not. It’s a

Chef Michelle Chiu has seen strong demand for her first two Korean comfort food pop-ups, called Eat Two Five. “We were on the last pitch all night,” he said. eat two five

Mushrooms and dried products in their original packaging are not readily available “even in English!” and Sushi Rice, Boba, and “Little Chocolate Chip Fish” greatly improved Barker’s quality of life.

“I grew up in Alabama going to an Asian market there. I have memories of dried mangoes. Since Harana opened, I can make some with my kids. It’s a great gift,” says- she.

Asian Supermarket Albany Ny. This Is The Most Instant Ramen I’ve Ever Seen At One Time. Not Going To Lie It Was A Little Overwhelming. Sorry About The Picture There Was Just

Harana is just one of Barker Street’s new Asian offerings. “Woodstock is getting a lot of new stuff. Different flavors are coming to town,” he says. He and his family enjoyed a “sweet tofu salad” and a lychee gin cocktail at the recently opened Good Night, a new Southeast Asian restaurant. restaurant that also comes from families in town who also own and operate Silvia’s chef, Doris Choi, also used her Korean roots for some of the Good Night menus.

Across the river in Kinderhook, New York’s beloved Vietnamese restaurant Van Da Yen Ngo has teamed up with old friend, artist Darren Waterson, to open a new restaurant in the factory. of Kinderhook weaving. They hired the cook Hana

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